How Brands Deeply Impact Consumer’s Mind

29 Apr

Anyone familiar with the good old 80’s?
Those were the days right?

Things were simpler, the market was not so ahead of us, competition existed but only in a healthy way. And most importantly, the brands didn’t have such a hold on consumer’s minds.

Quality of the products were top notch and yet the prices remained reasonable.

Confused what I am talking about? Well, let me make it simpler.

In the early 80’s, there was not a huge gap between two similar products in the market. Unlike our market these days, their products didn’t have such huge price differences.

This brings the question of WHY?

Given that the manufacturing price of two jeans might not differ much marginally, why is there such a huge difference between Gucci jeans and jeans bought from a Target store?

Some will argue that it's the quality that counts, but how different can the quality of two similar products be? A $3000 dollar different quality?

If you are somewhat familiar with the marketing tactics, then you know, this is called BRANDING.

The 80’s generation did not have access to social media and the internet to spread awareness and influence people about their products.
But the real marketing started in the early 90’s as the reach expanded owing to the widespread advertisements.

Today, Nike launches one ad and gets millions and billions of views within hours.

This widespread awareness is what has caused such differences in the selling prices TODAY.

So how do you think they are able to cause such an impact? Let’s read further.

How Brands Impact Their Customers At A Psychological Level

Or should I say how they become synonymous to our lifestyles?

Ever heard a song over and over again and felt like it's stuck in your head (even though you didn’t like it in the first place)?

Well that’s one part of creating an impact for the brands.
They narrate their product’s story on each and every platform. Be it on TV, facebook, Instagram or every possible channel you could think of, you will find the same product being advertised.

Seeing the ad everywhere, a person will eventually store its image deep in his mind. And the next time he goes to the market, that product will be the first thing that he will buy.

Another strategy that brands adopt to target customers at psychological level is by using their favorite celebrities and influencers to endorse their products.
This urges the viewers to try those products as well because their favorites RECOMMENDED THEM.

Powerful branding not only changes how one feels for a company but can also change how their brain is wired.

People tend to pay more, just for the sake of the brand name. And adding effective marketing to it, creates a strong attachment that goes beyond the receipts.

The brands are smarter than ever!

What Brands Do To Win Customer’s Loyalty?

Not one, but there are many ways that brands opt for, to win their customer’s loyalty. Let’s discuss some of them.

Fulfilling customer demands using analytics

It's of utmost importance that you understand the needs and demands of your customers. Taking help of analytics will help you achieve that!

For this, you need to determine the area of your maximum sales and keep yourself fully stocked with the high in demand products.

If a customer is able to suffice all its demands at one stop, he will never have to look anywhere else. Hence, subtracting your competition.

Keep in touch with your customers

Regular conversations with your customers will help strengthen the bond with them and they will get to know you and your organization better.

Not only this, it creates a feeling of comfort that makes them less hesitant, the next time they want to shop from your brand.

Another benefit you can get from talking with your customers frequently is, you will be able to gather their invaluable feedback and incorporate them into your workforce.

Surprising them with rewards and bonuses
Nothing brings a smile brighter than unexpected rewards or cashbacks to your customers!

Surprising them with a coupon on their birthday or giving them a token to appreciate their loyalty, are some little ways that can help build their loyalty.

Making customer satisfaction your top priority

What do you think motivates customers to keep coming back?

When you have a sea full of competition, what will make your customers choose you over your competitors?

It’s the services, the satisfaction that you provide that leaves a lasting impact. Your utmost priority should be to satisfy your customers. Be consistent with your services, deliver on your promises and provide quality and value.

Be consistent with post-sale services too!

Your customer services should not only be limited to just selling your products, but it should also include offering post sale services as well.

If they have any complaint or issue with your product or service, help them resolve it. If there are any cases of return or exchange, make sure to assist them until satisfied.

Not only upto the store, but the relation with the customer’s go far beyond!

Different Marketing Ways To Help You Achieve Customer Loyalty

#1 Emotional Marketing

Connecting with your customer’s on an emotional level using basic emotions (fear, happiness, sadness or anger) draws out audience response.

This type of marketing campaign surely gets more social shares and clicks and leads to customer loyalty because of the buildup relationship between the customer and the brand.

To read more about emotional marketing and its examples, click here.

#2 Nostalgia Marketing

Nostalgia marketing reminds users of their yesteryears, building a quick connection with your brand. It involves a feeling of warmth and forms a natural bond with the brand.

These compelling blast from the Past, which is the customer on an emotional level and hence create a deeper impact of your brand and its products.

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#3 Playing with our minds

Brands use different marketing ways such as smart positioning, gorilla marketing, surrogate marketing and so many more to attract and expand their reach and to increase their sales.

Here are some of the marketing ways that you might want to know in order to build your brand!

It is important for a brand to know what their target audience thinks about them. Not only to sustain in the market for longer but also to understand and react to the customers' needs better!

Building brand loyalty is a must and you should leave no stone unturned to achieve it!