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1:01:47 mins

28 June 2023

UX talks : How Google UX teams work, how intuition comes into play. UX Curiosity with Harsh Wardhan.

In this very first podcast, Sanchit (CEO, illuminz) talks to Harsh (Google's Innovation programme Lead) Enjoy this casual and at times deeper conversation about takes on User Experiences, building innovation, how does intuition work, how to design for cultures, and more.

51:35 mins

09 July 2023

UX methods with Soo Yun Kim. Google Drive work, Mentorship, Jury, Data approach. Talks at illuminz

Soo Yun Kim is the Lead designer at Cisco. We had a great discussion on various topics.

1:00:19 mins

20 July 2023

Data Science With Jarrod. Data Winter, State of data, and how is the future. illuminz insights.

In this talk with Jarrod you would find out how the Data scientist analyse the needs, and create stats. Enjoy the discussion to dive deeper into the world of data.

1:15:52 mins

08 Aug 2023

Design Experience talks with Helena Hill, hosted by Sanchit Thakur | illuminz world podcasts.

IThis has been a very warm discussion together. Helena is a great UX Strategist and Consults on the same. We discussed about her work on Airport experience designs, and in that a thought provoking statement came be her: "A customer is not the customer of the Airlines alone, they are the customers of the Airport mainly" and that is so apt. We discussed a lot on her data-driven approach in design, QnA's session by the illuminz team, and a lot more. Enjoy this one! Helena is on Linkedin for Mentorship and Consulting.

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