01:23:44 mins

05 Apr 2024

Kadambari Misra on Iconic Women podcast, Mexico, Mehrangarh, CCD, Tanishq and more.

Discover the intersection of design, culture, and creativity with Kadambari. Join our hosts Sanchit and Vrinda as we explore stories of inspiration, and the joy of making. From Kadambari's early days at NID to her adventures in Mexico and beyond, her journey is a testament to the power of art and inspiration in every corner of life.

Delve into the untold stories of influential women across history with our latest venture, celebrating motivation, leadership, and the beauty of learning from every experience. Join us as we continue to paint the canvas of Kadambari's journey, an ongoing source of inspiration, reminding us that design is more than aesthetics—it's about meaningful stories and the pursuit of creativity.

01:03:28 mins

07 Mar 2024

Benefits of making AI assistants in your job | Casey Hudetz, Docusign

In our latest Podcast with Casey Hudetz, Senior Product Manager at DocuSign, we explore a variety of topics including his film-making experience, travel, and creating AI assistants.

The conversation covers the impact of film-making on creative thinking, incorporating AI into work, and the effects of technology like Google on our minds, among other subjects. It's a deep dive into how technology intersects with personal and professional lives.

01:18:37 mins

19 Feb 2024

The amazing "Hall of Fame Speaker Terry Brock" | A conversation on the influence of AI in our lives

Join us on an extraordinary journey with Terry Brock, a Speaker Hall of Fame inductee, as we explore his diverse experiences from attending a Richard Nixon rally to his pivotal days at Skype, delving into artificial intelligence, and his global travels.

With chapters covering everything from the importance of empathy in communication, the early days of AI, to the challenges of loneliness in the digital age, this conversation is not just about Terry's remarkable life but also about the evolving intersection of technology and humanity.

01:08:40 mins

15 Feb 2024

Navigate through Entrepreneurship modes with Brian J. Esposito

In an insightful conversation with Brian J. Esposito, the focus shifts to the intersection of Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain technology, highlighting the innovative ways these fields are being utilized by Esposito's companies to forge significant advancements.

Host Sanchit leads the talk, focusing on two main projects: the Nodle Cash app and DLMI. The Nodle Cash app shows how IoT can connect devices in a new, decentralized way, making technology work smarter for us.

01:07:59 mins

03 Feb 2024

Embarking into the World of Branding by Peter Allinson.

Imagine embarking on an enlightening journey through the mesmerizing world of branding, guided by two remarkable voyagers: Sanchit, our host, and Peter Allinson, the visionary Head of Design at UKTV. This is not just any conversation; it's a heartfelt narrative, a masterclass unfolding right before your eyes.

Peter Allinson, with his unparalleled expertise, has generously shared a case study that is nothing short of a masterclass in branding. From the basics to the complexities of brand identities, Peter's insights are a beacon for anyone looking to navigate the vast seas of branding.

01:07:57 mins

16 Jan 2024

An Entertaining Dive Deep into the World of ServiceNow with Sanchit and Gregg Aldana.

Get ready to be entertained with one of the most engaging episodes ever of our podcast, where our host, Sanchit, invites you to join a stimulating and compelling conversation with Gregg Aldana.

Gregg isn't just a technical expert, but as you will see, he's a true maestro and maverick in the realm of digital transformation and is driving true workflow automation and business transportation as the Global Area Vice President, and Creator Workflow Specialist at ServiceNow..

01:12:31 mins

24 Dec 2023

Demystifying Quantum Technology: A Conversation with Ean

In the latest podcast episode, Sanchit, CEO, illuminz is joined by quantum technology expert Ean,Principal Engineer, Infinite 8 Industries, for a fascinating conversation that demystifies the basics of quantum technology and computing. They delve into key concepts like qubits, superposition, and entanglement, exploring their potential to revolutionize various industries.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone curious about the future impact of quantum technology on our lives, offering both deep insights and accessible explanations for all listeners.

01:20:47 mins

17 Dec 2023

The world of Business operations design by Alin Buda.

Prepare to embark on a journey into the heart of creative mastery with our latest podcast episode. We're thrilled to feature Alin Buda, Founder of Transdimensional and Brandise, a luminary in the design world, in an insightful conversation with our host, Sanchit, CEO of illuminz.

This episode is a treasure trove for anyone passionate about understanding the soul of design and creativity. It's a unique opportunity to learn from a master who has not only envisioned solutions but has brought them to life.

01:08:28 mins

15 Dec 2023

Let’s dive together into the vibrant world of Arts and Visual Design with the extraordinarily talented C.J. Yeh.

Let’s learn from this amazing episode that is an honest take on the showcase of his incredible works and then flows deeper into the meanings, inspirations, and thought processes behind modern design and art.

C.J. Yeh shares his personal interpretations and the unique narratives that drive his creations. Discover the stories that shape his artistic vision.

53:41 mins

06 Dec 2023

Decoding Experience design for businesses with Paul Boag!

In this Podcast, we delve into the dynamic world of user experience (UX), customer relationship optimization (CRO), and the future of design.

This edition is fascinating as we feature none other than Paul Boag, a revered figure in the technology industry, known for his magical touch in crafting user experiences that not only delight but also drive business growth through Conversion Rate Optimization.

Paul's mastery in creating impactful user experiences and delivering tangible business results through CRO is unparalleled.

1:15:52 mins

08 Aug 2023

Design Experience and Data-Driven Approach.

Helena's expertise in UX Strategy, particularly in the realm of airport experience, offers a unique lens through which we view how design and functionality converage to create memorable customer experiences.

Her thought-provoking insights, comibined with a data-driven approach, make this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of design, travel, and customer experience.

1:00:19 mins

20 July 2023

Data Winter, State of data, and The Future of Data Science.

The concept of Data Winter presents both challenges and opportunities in the world of data science and analytics. This episode sheds light on the complexities of the current data landscape and offers a hopeful outlook for the future.

In the talk with jarrod you would find out how the Data scientist analyse the needs, and create stats.Enjoy the discussions to dive deeper into the world of data.

51:35 mins

09 July 2023

UX methods with Soo Yun Kim 'Lead Designer at Cisco'. Talks at illuminz.

We dive into the Ux Research, Evolution of Design and Learning Culture of Making Products.

Soo Yun Kim experiences have led her to present at a varitey of design conferences and organizations including UXPA, AHFE, Adobe BKProductDesign, and Girls who code for STEM.

1:01:47 mins

28 June 2023

UX talks : How Google UX teams work, how intuition comes into play.

Enjoy this casual and at time deeper conversation about takes on User Experiences, building innovation, how does intuition work, how to design for culture and more.

Harsh leverages his design-led innovation expertise to develop business strategies rooted in deep human insights and drive significant business value.