What is ‘Travalot’?

Travalot is a one-stop solution for customizable holiday packages curated as per the users' preferences. We at illuminz, created a tailor-made platform, right from the beginning - from taking it online to building a fully responsive platform.


Problem statement

Travalot was a travel website that had no options for bespoke travel packages. With Travalot the client wanted to build solutions that enabled users to create custom-made packages as per their need. Their desire was to increase their reach by expanding their vision.

The fix

  • Fully responsive platform
  • Clean, engaging yet simple

To combat the problems at hand, Travalot’s website was transformed into a responsive platform. A clean and minimalistic look that is engaging yet simple to the eye.

The content was modified to be relevant for the current users. With design that appealed to the user base. Bespoke packages were made a possibility, in three easy steps.


Through Travalot, we wanted to bring forth some great ideas within the travel industry to make it more user-centric.

We created a business panel where the admin can change the price of every package depending on the travel season.

What did we introduce?

We wanted to bridge the gap between the user and the client
and that is how our thoughts progressed while building Travalot.


Travel itenary for every destination

Travel itineraries were created for every destination to create a bird’s eye view for the user to help get them into an exploratory mindset.


A section for ‘Listen from Locals’

A section titled ‘Listen from Locals’ was listed for the users to travel the local way, and get insights of the best spots in that area.


Ratings and reviews

Rating and reviews were created on the website for customers to leave feedback and help create a feedback loop between the company and the users using it.


3-step process to customize
your own travel package

We introduced a 3-step easy customization process for the user to optimize their travel experience.


Package customization

Users can customize their travel packages listed on the website based on their preferences.



Users can sort and simplify their search using the filters provided on the platform.


Simplified bookings

Bookings were simplified for the users improving the transition of potential customers to customers using the platform



The primary goal of this feature was to help the user in selecting their desired package. The user can choose from the listed quotations based on their preferences and finalize accordingly.


We helped
travalot in

The primary purpose of why people travel is because they're looking for a distraction from their routine self.

With Travalot, we made sure that
we simplify this experience for the user.

Our goal was to curate a website that was not only functional for the user but made them feel warm and welcomed.

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