We are an Extension of Your Team.

Led by our team of visionary leaders, we are a bunch of tech enthusiasts who are driven by passion, innovation, and the righteous collaboration of our team, clients, and users.

about illuminz

We Envision

We look for opportunities by gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ business.

We use deep insights and data to ideate, craft & test technologies – working alongside our clients until we have the idea that they need.

We Empower

We are focused on overcoming the hurdles and make great ideas come to life.

Our expertise in back-end and operational optimization makes way for innovation. Well, it is a challenge for you, we're interested.

We Execute

Our strategists, designers & developers work side-by-side to craft tailor-made powerful digital products.

We test continuously, then measure and learn constantly throughout the product lifecycle and improve it regularly.

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Values that remind us Who we are and what we strive for

Do Good Work

Thrive to do good work. Always give every ounce of your best effort, and take pride in it. Be a passionate creator and craftsmen, then turn all those raw ideas into groundbreaking realities.
And expect excellence from yourself and everyone around you.

Be Good

We believe businesses do better when taken personally. So treat co-workers, clients, family, and friends with compassion & respect. We always say - integrity, and loyalty are the cornerstones of our business.

Have Fun Often

Be strange, have fun often. Crack silly jokes, travel with your coworkers, share meals & crack jokes together. Take your work seriously, but don't take yourself seriously. We believe that enthusiasm, playfulness, and joy are the essence of a great life.

Be Passionate

Love what you do and be passionate about it. If you do - no matter how complex the situation is, you will find a way to do it. We believe love, passion and focus are the most powerful weapons in the hands of the creator.

Build A Community

We are all about building one big family of us, our clients and their users. We believe in caring about each other, coworkers and clients alike. Trusting each other, growing together. We succeed the most when we succeed together.

Improve Constantly

Challenge the status quo, push boundaries, break the rules. Learn new things, adopt new tools and explore and be curious. Be a risk-taker, a visionary, a dreamer. Create what comes next, because the possibilities are endless.

What keeps
us Going

The fact that we are to create change that matters. We are here for the love of technology that allows us to empower businesses.

healthy work culture

As a team of go-getters, we are always making things happen while having the most fun at our work stations.

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