How our company was born

One fine day in the spring season, while taking a UI design course, our Founder Sanchit Thakur got a call from a Hospital. It was all right, they needed a website!

The person who was going to award the project turned out to be his good friend and he asked Sanchit to build a website for them.

Sanchit reluctantly took the project since he was still studying design. He burnt midnight oil and created a nice, clear design and launched the site. The design was appreciated by the clients and it was an overall happy experience for the both parties.

After that projects, work started flowing in by word of mouth - College websites, Government contracts, E-commerce stores etc. He kept on working and formed a talented, small team.

He decided to build a work-place that would work on great products and give high-value services to the clients all around the globe. He started his dream project with Sachin, Vikas, Neeraj, Smati, Nishant, and Devinder in the October of 2009.

When it was time to decide the company’s name, he wanted something that concisely addressed the bright minds. Something that represented the group that created a buzz in the digital world with their sophisticated design ideas.

After putting in a lot of thought, he combined his idea of ILLUMINATION + BUZZ and decided to name the company -

In the Autumn of 2009, ILLUMINZ was started in a space that was more like a cool studio.

With talented designers and developers, young ILLUMINZ was all set to hit the digital industry.

We knew challenges were waiting for us when we came up with the idea of ‘creating something innovative’ and, yet we were standing there to set new rules in the game.

With a decent start, we managed well for the first few months.

But, 2010 shook us, the shake that moved many other industries too.

As the great recession hit hard on the economy, our clients went bankrupt making our start uneven.

We knew working hard was the only way we would survive.

So, many times we worked 18 hours a day to accomplish our vision.

We managed sales aggressively and overcame every challenge with our dedication and great efforts.

There was a lot of competition in the industry and everyone wanted to create designs and attract customers. We kept asking ourselves “How can we stay ahead of competition?”

In our discussions, we often talked about what kind of company we wanted to build?
When we stressed upon our talents, we concluded that we wanted to connect with the audience in the best way possible -


Our vision was to build products which were smart and highly usable to real users. This was where we were 'different' from the rest of the competition. Soon, our work was visible to the audience as we were awarded for many websites on eminent platforms.

Clients around the globe started approaching us and offered us great projects.

We started increasing our team in 2011, as the work demanded.

We hired individuals who had the same thought process, who loved their work and were ready to improvise daily.
We treated them as family and encouraged them to explore their talents without any hesitation.

Automatically, we started getting some amazing projects and there was a tremendous growth in the business.

2013 brought great promises for us.
We moved to a larger office space with an increased staff of over 30 digital experts.

We paid special attention to product development by creating exquisite Mobile apps and focused more on solving UI & UX problems with creative thinking and user research. With our positive approach, we had created partnerships with our clients and build many successful products together.

Our dream was coming true and something that was just an idea once actually had footprints now. By this time, we had also grown personally.

We had created strong bonds with each other and ILLUMINZ wasn't just a team, it was family.

We had designers, engineers, developers, artists, authors, travelers, music lovers, readers, photographers and much more.

We worked together, played together!

In the winter of 2015, after demands from a few clients, we added Online Marketing to our services. Primarily, we focused on web & mobile from design and development solutions and this step shifted us on a larger scale. We successfully became a full-service web company.

persons social templates

After these years of hard work, we can proudly say that ILLUMINZ is not just competing with other companies, it has set its own standard. The team works tirelessly to match up the client’s expectations by creatively crafting their idea. We focus on working with the clients closely and making long-term partnerships. From those few people, we have grown to over 30 with hundreds of amazing websites and apps. We have moved to bigger offices and have become larger than life. We have also become sophisticated in design and development.

Now, when we look back, we can clearly see the hurdles and challenges we came across. We have grown from a small company to a larger firm. But, one thing that hasn't changed is our work ethics. We still work on the same principles and hear our instincts. Yes, we have made mistakes but, they have made us better. We have accepted changes, created values and most importantly, we have learned each day.

5th October 2009 is a day we can never forget. The journey had been amazing and, we couldn’t have asked for better results. Till this date, we celebrate this day remembering and rejoicing upon what we have come to achieve.

There is no secret to our exceptional work. We believe in transparency to our clients and the people around us. We treat our clients like we want to be treated and each other as family. Life at ILLUMINZ is effortless and we would like to maintain it that way.
We aren't a group of robots just working to meet targets and deadlines. We are a team of dreamers who love to travel!

We have been taking these great trips to mighty Himalayas (which are nearby) that rejuvenate us. Wandering in the hills, hiking, looking at the beautiful lakes, breathing the nature and getting mesmerized with new experiences, fill up energy in us to do greater things.

When not traveling, we love to play games indoor. Quizzes are our favorite, followed by other adventure games that are healthy and refreshing for the mind. We are occasionally visited by our international clients and they love the way we work. Also, they fall in love with the amazing city beautiful, Chandigarh.

Illuminz Chandigarh

We always want to be this great start-up forever which doesn’t have too many hierarchies, we want to be easily approachable and be your good partners in building the future.

A Thank You namaste
Note to our clients

You have played a pivotal role in our success. We have always seen your success as our own. We have also formed some great partnerships around the globe and successfully completed amazing projects together. We thank you from our hearts for believing in us.