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How did illuminz help a business raise revenue worth US $10M+ in 16 months?

Gatoes started its journey with merely zero restaurants and stores across the state. Sahil Sheikh, the founder of the platform realized that the people of Kashmir did not have any access to quality food or grocery delivery services in their area, because of the slow network connections and weak internet services.

Building the future of on-demand services in Kashmir

We wanted to bring forth our idea of a hyperlocal delivery business across the area to help the masses with the benefit of online/on-demand services.
We implemented our understanding of the industry and created a customized solution for Sahil. We customized our on-demand delivery platform- Delby, for Gatoes.

How Gatoes works?

The project covers three fundamental steps of the core experience


Choose from the best restaurants around you

Order food

Order your favourite food at your home

Delivery service

Fast delivery at your doorstep

Creating a
simplified platform

Gatoes offers a minimal navigation search options, simplified user interface combined with an uncluttered design language.
Gatoes focuses on creating a dedicated delivery network and a smoother technology-driven hyperlocal delivery channel across Kashmir.

We optimized the app and the website according to the target audience and devices.

Less /images - Less loading time

We added /images only for the recommended restaurants so that the app doesn’t spend a whopping amount of time loading.

Radius based search

Users can search for restaurants/stores based on restaurant/store radius, instead of the usual radius settings.

Scan QR code

Users can scan any restaurant/store by just scanning the specific QR code curated for them.

Merchant decide the packaging

Another added functionality was to let the merchant decide the packaging charges for the items.

We analyzed the product, curated a simple and seamless UI design for the users for a better understanding of the platform.

Curating an easy to comprehend platform

When it comes to new users who are unaware of the services, they depend on the visual attributes that reflect the brand’s values, appproach, and consistency.
The onboarding screens have been created based on extensive research on user's behavior to grow their in-app experiences.

Colors & Typography


Accent color


Secondary color



Regular · Medium · Semibold · Bold

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All the love that Gatoes had received from the people of Kashmir resulted in a huge ROI.

It is one of the fastest growing platforms and has already started penetrating its reach in other cities as well.

Responsive Design

We optimized the app and the website according to the target audience and devices.

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