The possibilities of blockchain

We invited Ean Mikale, J.D., Principal Engineer, Infinite 8 Industries, to understand “ Possibilities that might shape the future of blockchain.”


Ean Mikale

Who did we interview?

Ean Mikale, J.D., is a Global Speaker, 5x Author, and the Principal Engineer of Infinite 8 Industries, Inc., part of the Infinite 8 Ecosystem. Mr. Mikale is a self-taught Developer and Engineer. He has provided paid Expert Consulting to firms such as Bain & Co., McKinsey, Microsoft, and Accenture to name a few. He currently provides technical training to MIT Graduate students, enrolled in the xPro Robotics Essentials course. Mr. Mikale has specialties in White Hat Hacking, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Telecommunications, Autonomous Vehicles, and Accelerate Computing. He is passionate about using technology to bring ethical value to society.

Let us quickly get to our expert's point of view.

  • Ques 1 : If you can share some of the Blockchain work you are optimistic about and you think that can bring a great impact in future.

    Ans : The work we are most optimistic about lies beyond Blockchain, in the realm of Quantum Technology. Quantum addresses many of the security issues Bitcoin was created for, but with enhanced capabilities, such as teleporting transactions, or using Qudits to pack more data in each data transaction. We are currently experimenting with a Tensor-based Blockchain for an AI optimized system. Tensor have advantages over traditional Blockchain Ledgers as a tensor can have infinite dimensions to hold data and information, making Web 3 technologies legacy due to poorer security, speed, and bandwidth.

  • Ques 2 : How can we leverage Blockchain in 2023? What is the best event that you attended recently? What were your key takeaways?

    Ans : Blockchain can today be leveraged for everything from paying for gas with crypto on your Coinbase card, or paying for a Breast Cancer screening with tokens. I currently serve as the Writing Committee Chair for a Healthcare Standards Institute Working Group creating standards for Blockchain in physician credentialing, which is already being done in forward thinking nations, such as the United Arab Emirates, and Estonia, two nations that have embraced a Digital Future. The best event I have attended recently was a networking event at the Arizona-based Business group, Eliances, where the networking was inside the Metaverse, and was executed superbly. It reminded me how technology can fall at the feet of us all, and yet everyone embraces it and creates real-world utility differently.

  • Ques 3 : What is the potential for Blockchain globally?

    Ans : Blockchain globally is already showing its potential as it disrupts global financial systems and the Post-World War II dynamics between nation-states. With China taking a far lead in implementing a government backed token, they have the capability to bring Billions into the Web 3 Ecosystem. Smart Contracts allow for the action of fully-automated businesses. With more time, we can choose to create more ventures, or spend more time taking care of ourselves and enjoying our loved ones. Efficiency, for me, is the biggest potential driver of Blockchain technology around the world.

  • Ques 4 : How Blockchain Will Redefine Business And Work?

    Ans : Great question. Blockchain will take away many menial tasks, such as record keeping, auditing, and other tasks that involve the keeping of information and records. It is redefining Corporate Loyalty Rewards Programs, how Entrepreneurs raise capital, how Artists raise awareness of their creative potential through NFT's or Non-fungible tokens, and even how we preserve the Earths rainforests by tokenizing carbon credits. In the Future every company will be a Blockchain company whether they know it or know. Similar to how most people have a Social Media timeline. They are using Blockchain as a timeline is in it's purest sense a Blockchain ledger. Likewise, every company will have a token or use them, whether they are aware of it or not.

  • Ques 5 : What’s your success mantra?

    Ans : Slip, but never stumble. Stumble, but never fall. Give, but never give in." - EM

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