2023 and Beyond: The Future of Blockchain

We invited Michael Noel to discuss ”The Future of Blockchain and Predictions for 2023”


Michael Noel

Who did we interview?

Michael Noel is a Self-Published Book Author (2022) – Tokenomics is not Economics and Reporter and your Host at Blockchain Weekly. He is a featured speaker in multiple blockchain events. He is also associated with Digital Europe Association as a Fellow and CBDC Contributor and Digital Voting Work-group contributor at Government Blockchain Association (GBA)

Let us quickly get to our expert's point of view.

  • Ques 1 : If you can share some of the blockchain work you are optimistic about and you think that can bring a great impact in future.

    Ans : Tokens are the fuel of the decentralized economy and token economics, or Tokenomics is at the core.

    There is a global transformation taking place, and a new killer app is appearing. The new killer app? – Web3 and customer experience (CX). Customer experience is the challenge of the recovery.

    Whether it’s more tailored products, greater digital parity with analog services, or faster turnaround, customer expectations of what great customer experience (CX) looks like have shifted significantly.

    Lockdowns only accelerated these trends, leaving ecosystems in a game of catch-up. In this changing landscape, organizations that quickly prioritize CX can gain loyalty, build resilience, and future-proof businesses.

    Web3 CX is all about digitizing CX using frictionless, peer-to-peer, workflows (blockchain).

    Web3 CX is also device agnostic. And, if it is a global environment, it also means cross-language communications.

    Easy frictionless access to goods and services, on any device, in any language, at any time that’s Web3 CX.

  • Ques 2 : How can we leverage blockchain in 2023? What is the best event that you attended recently? What were your key takeaways?

    Ans : I attended a Global Blockchain Association Web3 Event a few days ago. Covering trust, identity management, and voting. Key takeaways? Digital voting could help us avoid a lot of problems.

  • Ques 3 : What is the potential for blockchain globally?

    Ans : Blockchain is the truth machine. Disintermediation will continue and peer to peer platforms will become the business model of the future

  • Ques 4 : How blockchain will redefine business and work?

    Ans : There are hundreds of instances where customer service (CX) is horrible and demand is increasing. Poor CX is the best that is available for just about every industry, globally. And today, all of that is acceptable. We just smile and pay more than we did, and get less than we did.

    This is the honeymoon period, which will come to an end soon (aka bubble). There is a strong and at this point almost unavoidable potential for a wave of dissatisfied customers globally, in just about every industrial sector.

    In just a few months, globally, in just about every industrial sector customer loyalty will be up for grabs.

  • Ques 5 : What’s your success mantra?

    Ans :You can’t sail today's boat, on yesterday's wind. - Michael Noel

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