Develop A Long Lasting Stable App By Choosing React Native Framework

Do you know the mobile app framework used to make Instagram or Skype?

It’s React Native!

In fact, among hybrid apps, React Native and Flutter are one of the best frameworks around.

But why were these apps made on ReactNative over Flutter?

Interestingly enough, React Native started 5 years ago by Facebook and Flutter was introduced by Google around 2018.

And both shot to fame quickly for their usability. Yet, there are pretty global app showcases attached to ReactNative compared to Flutter.

In this blog, we learn ‘WHY.’

Why choose React Native over Flutter for mobile app developments?

The answer is pretty straightforward- React Native is a comprehensive package for reasons that give it an edge over Flutter.

For entrepreneurs or developers, it’s the go-to choice for something as simple as cost-saving or as technical as framework libraries.

Let’s look at all the comparable reasons in detail.

  • Development

The development is simple just like in Flutter but for a different reason

If you develop a React Native app today, you can check for errors through tools.
You can quicken the process through more tools.

Whereas in Flutter, the designing is simple but the error checking process is another matter altogether.

Here, React Native rises as the better choice. Not to mention a rich range of design options which means a rich UI.

  • UI

The UI for React Native is rich just like Flutter
But the variation is in the components.

Where Flutter provides a wide range of custom widgets or even rare components, React Native is more inclusive.

React Native goes beyond the usual library options and allows you to create your components from scratch.
Just use TouchableNativeFeedback or TouchableOpacity.

This way, you can optimize your app for a specific OS too.

Another benefit for both these frameworks is their cross-platform friendly nature.

  • Cross-platform

When we say React Nativeand Flutter are cross-platform app development frameworks, what does it mean?

A developer can use the same code for iOS and Android apps

Where Flutter uses Dart which is C or C++ based only, React Native code is written in Native languages like Java, C#, C++, Swift, etc..
You can even customize your React Native app with Native code.

Which is better- React Native or Flutter?

A Hybrid app made with React Native works like a Native app, thus making it a better option.

  • Performance

React Native apps perform just like native apps..
And you don’t even need to call back the program to make updates or changes.

With React Native hybrid app development, you can make upgrades directly into the app, even after the launch. .
Just use Code Push

More so, you can use mobile design elements. The user experience is the same across iOS or Android use. Flutter can’t promise that.

  • Cost-friendly

Using a cost-efficient mobile app development framework is always a good thing..
React Native and Flutter both do it.

Since they are frameworks for cross-platform apps, it not only saves time by creating an app in one place it also saves money.

And, who doesn’t want good results on a budget?.
After all, every business was once a startup.
If you're seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising quality, a reputable react native development company can meet your needs.

The community.

  • Community

The support of the React Native and Flutter communities are incredible but of different kind.

Where the Flutter community contributes in terms of debugging, many independent developers have added useful libraries to the ReactNative framework.
Even big names like Microsoft and Callstack have made contributions.

No wonder it has made some big name apps like Pinterest and Discord.

You will see that open source really is synonymous with community sourced here. Thanks to that, new developments are always coming around to match the latest app demands.


Facebook, Tesla, Walmart, Uber, Salesforce, Vogue.

Why are we taking these names?

Because all these apps were created using React Native.
Of course, the list is long, but we will stop here.

Seeing these apps, you can say the credibility of the React Native framework is higher than that of Flutter.

And if you want to be the next entrepreneur who creates a big-name app, we suggest you choose React Native too.

Or we will handle that for you.

why choose react native for mobile app development