The Only Time You Need On ‘How To Create A Killer eCom Landing Page’?

03 May

Let us tell you a harsh truth.
You have been missing out on a major traffic opportunity all this while my friend — if you have been only relying on your product pages to sell products off your eCommerce website.

No, we aren’t bluffing.

According to a report published by Monetate (and our experience in the eCommerce industry), only 50% of any eCommerce website’s visitors convert from a product page in comparison to a — dedicated Landing Page.

Yes, Landing Pages have been a hit since a very long time.

Tech, Event and many other companies for every niche use them.
Hence, eCommerce companies use them too — and drive a filthy amount of traffic every day, week and month of the year and make millions with the righteous execution.

Remember that landing pages can be the secret enzyme to your marketing strategy. With them you can generate better leads, boost conversion rates and improve your marketing efforts.

And how do you do it? That is what we’re going to talk about in this article.

What Is A Landing Page?

An e-commerce landing page is an autonomous, marketing-specific web page.

This is the page where the visitors 'lands' after a special link created by the company — in ads, for example such as Google Ads, FaceBooks Ads or any email marketing campaign.

All the landing pages are created with one clear objective of getting customers to complete a set goal. And for the eCommerce websites — this goal is to make a purchase.

How Is A Landing Page Different From A Product Page?

The key distinction between a product page and a landing page is its purpose — the product pages inform while the landing pages convert.

Some other key points of distinctions are:

Now that you have a decent understanding of what landing pages are, let us study how we make them more result oriented and effective.

5 Tips To Make A Killer eCommerce Landing Page

#1 — Get Rid Of On-Site Navigation

“By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at the chosen goal or destination.”

Remember, there is a reason why you have developed a separate landing page besides your website — to get maximum conversion possible.

Ergo, besides all the relevant information and the key CTA, there shouldn’t be any other navigational element on the website, as it would do nothing else but to distract your potential customers off the product.

Hence, feel free to do away with all the buttons & the links off your landing page, so your visitors can have their 100% focus on the key idea there.

#2 — Keep A Clean Layout

“Minimalism is not the lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something.”

You tell us, what do you find more delightful — a clunky, chaotic webpage with shitloads of information being thrown at you, or a simple, clean and minimal website with enough information for you to process easily?

The latter, we reckon.

The purpose of a landing page is to pass on the information rightly, without overwhelming the user. Therefore, cut everything that’s unimportant so your message there comes through loud and clear.

#3 — Don’t Just Sell; Show, Inform And Teach

“Don’t just say ‘the old lady screamed.’ Bring her on and let her scream.”

It’s human nature to duck things, situations and people who make us uncomfortable — like that persistent door-to-door salesman.

And you don’t want to be him.

Therefore, instead of preaching about how amazing your product is, tell your customers what problems it solves and how they can enjoy the benefits.

Like how Apple did with the first iPod.

They never preached to the audience that the new iPod comes with 5GB of internal storage (it was a big deal in 2001).

But what they implied was ‘you get to keep 1000 songs in your pocket.’
And that’s how you want to do it.

#4 — Numbers Are Your Best Friend, Let Them Speak For You

“In ancient times they had no statistics, so they had to fall back on lies.”

Let’s be real — statistics have been ruined by companies these days. I mean, who are these 9 out of 10 dentists that recommend Colgate?

Customers today are way more starter, and informed these days than they were 10 years ago. They won’t fall for all these bogus claims.

But genuine, meaningful numbers sourced from reliable surveys and studies work wonderfully when it comes to winning customer’s trust and attention. Especially when you’re selling online.

This number-drive landing page by slack is the perfect example of the same.

#5 — Keep Your Forms Short; Or Make Them Look That Way

“Beware of monotony. It’s the mother of all deadly sins”

It's monotonous to complete a form. It is even more monotonous to fill in a long form.

So if you need to collect crucial information about your website visitors — make sure to keep the form smaller, or at least avoid a vertically long form.

Or you can always split one long form into two columns which visually gives an illusion of it being shorter.

Wrapping Up

Well — landing pages are an essential part of any company’s sales funnel. So important that sometimes they are the only bridge between your marketing efforts and a successful sale.

Therefore it is really important for you to create the perfect landing page for your eCommerce landing page websites and get the sales number rolling.