The Psychology Behind the Art of Selling

15 Jun


Why do people buy what they buy?

We, humans, function the same way. We think the same way. It’s a simple fact.

If I convince you that I have a guaranteed solution to your hair fall problem, won’t you listen to me?

As simple as it goes, you are not interested in knowing what is causing your hair to fall or why that happens, you just want to FIX it. Or, If I tell you that I know how my pancake is fluffier than yours, won’t you be interested in knowing my recipe? You’d want to know that ONE ingredient that I use to make mine fluffier, isn’t it?

So, we have a problem and we want a solution!

Well, that’s how our brain works. What interests me or triggers me will likely be the same for most of us. Our subconscious handles most of our decisions because we don’t have time to process every information that we come across. And this trick is what exceptional marketers use to market their products. 

Make notes!!

What you don’t know?

Humans are Emotional Creatures:

Us humans make decisions based on thought, desire, or emotion, and not by a rational method of reasoning. So when you’re planning to market your product or service, make sure you’re targeting your users’ emotional side too.

Decisions VS Facts:

Put in your best foot forward. Let your users know the ‘WHY’ of your product. Make them introduce and understand all the features that you have to offer. Justify their need/want with facts. Backup your product with evidence, such as testimonials, authoritative endorsements, survey results, and the right qualitative data.

Satisfy Their Ego:

Personalize their purchase. Let your users get the feeling that your product is MEANT FOR THEM. Let them relate to it personally. Introduce them to the feeling of how much difference can your product make in their lives. 

Think Personal:

From your ad copy to your first interaction with your client, make it all personal. Show your users that you value them. Add testimonials, feature positive feedback from your clientele, address them with their first name. Small changes, major difference!!

Instigate, Don’t push:

DON’T FORCE YOUR USERS INTO BUYING YOUR PRODUCT. You can entice them, you can urge them to buy your services but cannot and should not make them feel burdened by your expectations/targets. Your job is to show them your product and see if you meet your prospect’s needs.

Play Fair:

If you think you can trick your users into buying your services, you’re wrong. We’re living in the 21st century, where technological advancements have helped humanity advance to unbeatable levels. You think you’re smart? They’re smarter. With solutions just a tap away, they can flip you upside down with information. Sell good products that will help your users in satisfying their needs. It’s a sure shot formula to your advancement.

"Selling is not a pushy, winner-takes-all, macho act. It is an empathy-led, process-driven, and knowledge-intensive discipline. Because, in the end, people buy from people." 

-Subroto Bagchi, Co-founder of Mindtree

People experience a certain type of progression when they buy a product. Prospects are worried about the fear of defeat. Fear of failure occurs as prospecting fears about making an error as they believe that the products or services they are purchasing would be of no benefit to them.

Every buying choice is based on different needs. Everyone has certain basic human needs that serve as a motivation to take action.

Trust is a vital part of marketing a product because, whether knowingly or unknowingly, all consumers want to know if they’re buying from a reputable source. The trick to flipping a customer's trust off is to persuade her that you are an authority figure — someone who is regarded as an expert on the issue at hand.

Said it once, will say it again - Provide clear reasoning, objective evidence, or customer testimonials to prospective clients that confirm what they thought to be accurate, to begin with. Show them hard evidence that they can enjoy all the rewards they expect from your company, and you'll quickly win over them as willing buyers. Validation matters.

At illuminz, our clients mean everything. Everything we build, design, develop is done keeping in mind what our clients want. Picking out the right choices for our clients is what we do the best. Because we know:

There is a huge benefit of learning not only what people are doing, but also why they are doing it.