What Are Super Apps? Why Are They So Big In MiddleEast and Southeast Asia?

From booking a ride to booking a session with a dentist, well there are apps eventually for everything. This can also get cumbersome at times!

What if all these apps can be clubbed together, that is a SuperApp for you.

A SuperApp clubs multiple apps into one enhancing the customer experience and giving a wholesome experience.

In other words, you can play games, shop, book a ride, chat, book a hotel (& more) all from 1 single app.

Few of such apps have already been parts of life in the MiddleEast and SouthEast Asia.

For example: Apps like Wechat, Grab, Gojek, Alipay, etc., which help you book groceries, plane tickets, hotels etc. from one app have already been widely used in these countries.

SuperApps don’t just add value to the business but also have host of other advantages, let's take a look:

  • Helps in business growth by upselling and cross selling as most of the services are available under one app
  • Maintains customer loyalty as there are more ways for customers to engage
  • Investors would be interested as there is more user engagement

It can’t be ignored that a super app would withdraw more time from users, higher engagement and eventually higher sales.
It makes life easier for the user and reduces multiple apps to one!

  • It is in that way easier to maintain and attracts lower maintenance cost
  • Customer friendly as reduces login, registration and KYC steps on different apps
So What Makes Them So Big Especially In MiddleEast And SouthEast Asia

It is certainly known that the Superapps trend is high in Middle and Southeast Asia as compared to Europe and Americas.
There are certain points that create this gap, let's take a look:

Advancement Of Mobile Phones

Regions in Middle and South Asia went from almost no budget smartphones to having the cheapest data and voice plans in just a decade.

This means that the user base is high considering the amount of people that use smartphones now.


There has always been a holistic approach in the way of thinking in Middle and Southeast Asia, particularly Southeast Asia.
This makes that audience naturally acceptable and adaptable to super apps.
Also, the market has grown rapidly in terms of apps and enterprise mobile application service providers and there is always a scope in every segment and thus a potential of creating Superapp.

SuperApps are a trend and are certainly going to be the future of apps. Some of the big names in Superapps that are already doing great include apps like Grab and Gojek.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Ques: Are Super Apps secure?

Ans: This is a growing concern. Briefly mention that security is a top priority for Super Apps and reputable ones invest heavily in data protection. However, you can suggest users be cautious about the permissions they grant to the app.

Ques: What happens if a Super App goes down?

Ans: Downtime can disrupt user activity. Briefly mention that Super Apps strive for high uptime, but outages can happen. You can suggest users keep alternative apps for critical services in case of an outage.

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