How Is Metaverse Technology Going To Impact The Tech World

01 Apr


Metaverse is having its superhero moment globally!

Did you know that Facebook announced in October 2021 that it’s further extending its branches to Metaverse and rebranding itself as “META”? This surely set off a huge firestorm in the tech world.

The metaverse is evolving internationally, especially accelerated by the impact of Covid 19 on digital platforms. The rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital assets and rise of blockchain has further fuelled its demand.

To sum up in short-

Metaverse technology is a virtual reality space for users to interact with each other, consisting of a rich ecosystem that focuses to enhance the user experience with social, identity, economic services and gaming.

As we enter another year, here’s what we have to say about the impact of metaverse in the upcoming years.

Future of Metaverse in the Tech World

Broadening its nest, metaverse is going to impact globally in the coming years and there is no doubt about that.

Need another surprising example?

Heard about the first metaverse wedding?

Apparently an Indian couple wanted all of their special ones to be a part of their wedding and owing to Covid, many of them couldn’t make it. That’s when they thought to get married on a virtual platform and hence the YUG metaverse was created.

Intriguing right?

Imagine being able to attend anything, anywhere in the world, just like Justin Beiber’s concert. Oh wait, people did actually attend it on a metaverse platform.

Read the article further to see what we have to say about impact of this revolutionary technology in the coming years.

Technologies Can Become Obsolete

The old technologies get rusteir as the days pass.

The older technologies that are in the market from a really long period might actually have to face a whiplash by the upcoming storm of the metaverse.

Shopify is one of the oldest e-commerce platforms known to us and it might face the heat. The modern companies or brands that are actually planning to adopt metaverse by incorporating live ecommerce for their retail and sales might actually win this race.

Sudden Boom In The AR & VR

I can surely vouch for one thing and that is, AR and VR are gonna change the complete dynamics of the metaverse in the coming years.

For instance, after rebranding to Meta, Facebook is most likely to use virtual reality headsets and smart glasses with AR in both desktop and mobile applications.

And not just gaming, even other companies or brands are trying to follow this trend for their own purposes - such as digital fashion shows visible through VR headsets.

We are all familiar with the video conferences available these days but taking a step further, metaverse has decided to offer 3D rendered avatars that will represent you (complete expressions and movements)in virtual board meetings.

Impact on Tech Companies

Did you know that legacy brand ‘ Nike’ is transitioning to become a part of the metaverse? Do you think the other brands will soon be stepping into the race?

Technology giants other than Facebook also need to evolve quickly and adapt to the metaverse in order to survive in the market and not face repercussions in terms of reduced sales and goodwill.

For example, If H&M approaches Google to inhibit Metaverse in its website and app and Google fails to do so, then it would definitely be a setback for google as a whole.

In order to succeed, evolution is the key.

Metaverse will soon change how tech giants operate, with the ripple effect getting on to the mid and small tier tech companies.

How to get yourself braced for the change, which technology to adopt and start providing metaverse development, our experts can walk you through it.

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