The Only Hybrid App Development Frameworks You Need To Watch Out

One of the essential processes while building your dream house is creating a robust, unshakeable frame.

This frame could be made up of anything — wood, steel, concrete, or a mixture of everything — provided it is sturdy enough to hold the structure nice and strong for a long, long time.

It functions as the backbone of your house, and with its support, the rest of your home is built.

A very similar thing happens when you build a Hybrid Mobile App where app frameworks play the role of an app’s backbone. Like a house frame, a mobile app development framework provides the structural foundation for your app.

Many developers rely on frameworks to enhance the app’s quality and reliability. The framework also removes the laborious process from scratch of creating a mobile app.

But there are plenty of frameworks available in the market today — making it a lot more challenging to decide which framework is best suited for your hybrid app development.

Well, to save your time, we have listed down the top 5 hybrid app development frameworks that you can use. But first, let’s revise what all we know about hybrid apps & why they are so popular in the developer’s community.

So, What Are Hybrid Apps?

Hybrid Apps refer to a development approach where you build and run one application across multiple platforms, such as iOS & Android.

Now do the math yourself, with hybrid apps

  1. how much time you would save
  2. how many times you’d duck the problems such as getting tangled in all the native IDEs, SDK, and Apple-specific requirements
  3. how convenient it would be to keep an eye on all the bugs from all your apps on one single SDK
  4. how fortunate it would be to simply adopt one dedicated technology approach instead of dabbling around with several different ones.

Over the last decade, many hybrid application frameworks have been established to cater to different goals and requirements of businesses.
But as promised — below are our picks for the four best hybrid app development frameworks available.

Top 4 Hybrid App Development Frameworks:

Hybrid App Development Frameworks
1- React Native

Top Apps Made With React Native:

  • Discord
  • Instagram
  • Tesla

React Native also tops our list of Hybrid Frameworks for App development in 2021. It allows developers to build cross-platform apps with a minimum effort to provide end-users with a native-like experience.

Moreover, there is a large community of developers who are always there to help you in the event of an impasse. Although the framework is not recommended to beginners, the community encourages them to immerse themselves and explore all the fantastic possibilities React Native offers.

Benefits Of React Native

  • Easy reuse of code on popular platforms such as Android and iOS
  • Multiple automation tools are available to accelerate the development process
  • Faster bug fixation and automatic error detection
  • Offers features such as live and hot reload
  • Allows developer on a running server to make code alterations
  • A large community of developers
2- Flutter

Top Apps Made With Flutter

  • Google Ads
  • Square
  • Google Assistant

Flutter was designed to work across platforms to support different languages without replacing Java, Swift, and Target C.

It’s hot reload feature, CLI and VI editors to build user interfaces, allow for the installation and assembly of widgets, sliders, buttons, dialogue boxes, switches, spinners, button-free tab bars with the OEM widgets, and web views of the dom without putting much of a hassle.

The ease of use Flutter offers the reason why it stands tall on #2 positions on our list.

Benefits Of Flutter

  • Easy code reusability and quicker development
  • Supports updates in real-time
  • Functionalities such as hot reload are available
  • Developers can view changes to the app while encoding
  • An array of widgets and resources for custom widget creation

Top Apps Made With Xamarin:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • BBC GoodFood
  • Fresh Direct

Xamarin is an open-source Microsoft framework used to develop Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS & watchOS native, and high-performance apps using programming .NET and C#. The framework enables companies to provide end-users with native performance and a unique user experience.

In Xamarin, the communication from the underlying platform code with the standardized code is controlled by an abstraction layer. Thus, this framework allows developers to build an ecosystem using the tools, libraries, and languages that an active community supports, with the aid of APIs, back-end, components, etc.

The applications made from this hybrid mobile app framework provide an aesthetic experience. In addition, its ability to reuse code, tools, and functions helps to save a considerable amount of time.

Benefits of Xamarin

  • Good support for the global community
  • Extensive hardware device support through modules and plugins
  • Reusability of upto 995% of the code
  • Easy code sharing and integration of APIs
  • Faster prototyping of Native UI libraries GUI
4- Mobile Angular UI

Top Apps Made With Mobile Angular UI:

  • YouTube TV
  • Gmail
  • Xbox

The Mobile Angular UI has many components as an open-source mobile application framework, like scrolling regions, navbars, switches, and more. Therefore, it may be used by developers to create seamless mobile apps.

This framework is so good that it is permitted for free to use under MIT and is used to build world-class mobile app experiences combined with Bootstrap.

Benefits of Mobile Angular UI

  • Provides quickclick.js and overthrow.js for the better mobile experience
  • The framework is entirely Open Source
  • The software is free to use

Wrapping Up

There are many frameworks for mobile app development on the market, which mobile companies can consider when working on their next app development project. It all depends on the priorities of developers and their knowledge of a particular framework.

You can contact us to learn more about the hybrid app development frameworks for your mobile app development project and which framework is best for you.

Our experts will assist you in the best possible manner.

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