CoronaVirus - The Pandemic That Is Bringing a new wave for On-Demand Businesses

13 Apr


We are living in difficult times. With the sudden outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the health of millions of people all over the world is now at risk. Many countries including India are under complete lock down to try and contain this pandemic and keep its people safe. Besides its worrying effects on human life, the novel strain of Coronavirus is impacting economies at a global level and bringing things to a halt (almost). However, all is not lost. 

As many businesses are experiencing slowdowns and disruptions during this difficult phase, there are on-demand businesses that are doing their bit to help us all sustain. Think Swiggy, Snapdeal, Big Basket, Amazon, Flipkart, and more.

Snapdeal Resumes Operations 

Snapdeal recently resumed its services in 96 cities across the country for the supply of essential goods, household cleaning products, and grocery items. E-commerce has been included under 'essential services' by the government to ensure uninterrupted medical supplies and daily staples amid the lockdown. Despite the fact that the supply chain has taken a hit due to closed manufacturing units, Snapdeal has collaborated with local kisaan mandis, wholesalers and grocers in metro cities to supply essential goods to people. 

“Accounting for the supply chain disruptions, we have focused on strengthening local operations. Currently, we are prioritizing deliveries of essentials and other deliveries will commence once the lockdown restrictions are lifted”, said a Snapdeal spokesperson.

A new wave of On-Demand Businesses  

Despite the lock down, on-demand apps covering various sectors are becoming the link between consumers and products of daily use. These services range from food deliveries and groceries to personal health services, supplying medicines and more. Many online businesses are able to leverage the on-demand apps to get the consumers what they need so there is no panic and people don’t have to step out that often from their homes. 

If you have a similar business, you can contribute to help fight against the global pandemic by getting your presence online. It could open opportunities for your business to connect with different vendors or tie-up with organisations to make essential services available to the public at large. 

Apart from the essentials, there is a need for other non-essential services too such as accounting and education ever since offices and schools have been shut. Say, you are a financial accountant. You can offer your services by getting on board the ‘online platform’ to solve the everyday needs of individuals and organisations. 

Benefits of On-demand Business Apps 

Here are some benefits of giving your business a wider reach through an online platform:

  • Simplicity: Consumers can easily connect with your company through the app whether it is to buy a product or book a service. You can keep a track of your consumer base and what you need to do to serve them at your best capabilities.
  • Scalability: On-demand business apps will put your business in the limelight and make more people notice you in times of need like we are facing today. You will be able to cater to more people and handle their growing needs while addressing their expectations.
  • Payment Integration: With a secure payment facility for the consumers, you can enable easy payments from the comfort of their homes. They can pay using their debit cards, credit cards, mobile wallet, net banking and more such options which are quick and safe. 
  • Leveraging mobiles: As per Statista, the number of mobile phone users is expected to increase by 4.68 billion from 2015-2020. This means if you build an app for your business with user-friendly features and a good product/service to offer, it can help boost your ROI. 


Without a doubt, the coronavirus outbreak is a tragedy whose true scale has only just started to emerge. But, there is also a certainty we can fight this together. Demonstrating this sense of purpose will send a positive message out to the world and wider business communities will get encouraged too.

If you are looking to step in the ‘access economy’ illuminz can help turn your business ideas into reality with its technology solution – Delby. It can offer you easy-to-use online solutions for your business whether it is supply goods or services. The software allows your customers to get everything they need with a single tap on their phones, anytime and anywhere. 

The business model is a huge success in multiple industry verticals such as food delivery, health and beauty, transportation and logistics, to name a few. Your business could be next.

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