5 Things Every Front-end Developer Should Learn

As 2023 is about to end on a great note for front-end developers and 2024 is on the way, a promising developer goal will be to learn the latest technologies that will show up and be of use in the New Year.

However, it is never too late to revisit certain areas in front-end development to better explore what  2024 holds for you professionally.

So, slow down a little bit, consume more time, and brush up on some crucial skills that will have a tremendous effect on your quality of work.

Top 5 tips that you should consider before the clock ticks 12 on the 31st.

1. Making code more readable

Writing a code might not consume so much of your time but maintaining the code does. So, learn to make the code readable. For this purpose, preparing flow diagrams will come in handy as you can focus on the logic before you start coding. Also, jotting down the complex functionalities beforehand will help you in making the code cleaner.

2. Learning the basics of graphic designing

Front-end developers have a closer touch with the users as compared to graphic designers and still, graphic designing has always been a shady arena for front-end developers. This is why you need to go back to the basics.

One of the quickest ways to learn design is to pick the brains of experts. Before we enter 2023, make sure you sit down with one heck of a designer and learn how to create the magic on screen.

3. Learn to make human interactions

You know what kills productivity of a programmer? It has to be sitting in front of the computer screen all day long with any human interaction. Let’s face it- you need people to be around. People who talk to you and discuss code. Sharing experiences matters and developing some basic soft skills with your co-workers before New Year strikes should be on your priority list.

4. Learn Functional Programming

Many front-end developers face issues while handling functions which leads to a messy code structure.

Learning functional programming will take your time but will definitely set you on the right path. Simply because with popular JavaScript libraries like React and Node, learning to deploy pure and immutable functions will become a necessity. So, start experimenting with the returns and be regular.

5. Learning JavaScript Deeply

Last but not least, learn JavaScript before you step into 2024. The simplest reason to brush up your JavaScript skills is that JavaScript frameworks have been excessively popular in 2023 and invite a more promising future next year. If you want to be more excited about any of the JavaScript frameworks to be released in the New Year, this is the right time to understand JavaScript deeply. This will make learning much more easy and quick.

Let’s make it a rule to be better and nail every problem with the right logistical and out-thinking solution.

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