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What is ‘Team Bit’?

Teambit is a help-desk software for teams and small businesses dealing with customer support. Teambit focuses on customer satisfaction and getting more work done in less time. It enables them to deal with ticketing support and services as efficiently as possible.

Help Desk Software is directed to support the problems of an organization. It is crucial for businesses to deliver integrated solutions to the customers.

The aim is to improve experiences for both the users and the organization. Help-Desk Softwares assists them in managing tickets and customer support.

Teambit Dashboard

Problem statement

Our aim was to build software that allows users to get more work done in less time. Small businesses and startups have always faced many difficulties managing their customers efficiently.

Our approach

To prepare Teambit for the market, we made sure that the end product is a perfect balance between providing a simplified solution to teams and improve their organizational experience.

Organize your support

Everything you need is all in one place. We integrated Slack, Zoho, Trello, and other CRMs to help businesses communicate easily with the teams.


Email Management with Intelligence

Just a simple login will connect Teambit with your Gmail, Outlook or any email software and give you a similar user experience as of an Inbox. Teambit gives you the perfect help desk to attend customers more actively.

Ask your helpdesk for visual data

Use plain words to ask your helpdesk what you want to know. You can ask questions like “how many tickets were reopened last month” or “which customer has the most number of unresolved tickets today” and your helpdesk will pull up the number along with a trend graph.


Best Help Desk Software For Small Businesses

Teambit is an adaptable customer support system that helps small businesses build long-lasting relationships with customers.

Support System

Dynamic Support System

The powerful support system lets you assign agents & sort queries of your customers with priorities.

Ticket Report

Ticket Reports Method

Customize your data and create ticket reports that shows you the bigger and clear picture.

Support 24/7

24/7 Customer Support

Save your customer’s time and get fewer emails with the Knowledge Base feature of Teambit.

Thirdparty Apps

Third Party Apps Integration

Now you can easily integrate apps like Slack, Hipchat, Twitter, Zapier and more to your helpdesk


Team Bit is specialized in features that eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. The ultimate goal was to deliver solutions for customer-initiated services.

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