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Jogi Works was an online platform where users could book everyday services through an app. The app ran on a business model, similar to Urban Company.

Problem Statement

Considering the high demand for low-cost home-based services in the US, Jogi Works’ business logic helped.

People had to pay way more than the cost of service itself. This made the option for home-based services quite expensive in the US.

Our Approach

The app was divided into multiple categories followed by various service options.

The app was divided into multiple categories followed by various service options.

  • Agency
  • Freelancer

Service Models

How did it work?

The model worked on a simplified flow. It was easy for both — the vendors and the end-users making it one of the best platforms to book services.

The User App


Services for The Users

From proving healthcare services to pet care - Jogi Work was one perfect option for every user.

  • health care

    Health Care

  • Beauty


  • Cleaning


  • IT Support

    IT Support

  • Car services

    Car services

  • Maintenance


  • Creative


  • Pet Care

    Pet Care

  • Education


  • Events


Vendor App

The Vendor App

The vendor app consisted of an admin portal and three different layouts:


The Freelancer


The Agency

The Agency Member

The Agency Member

The App’s Layout Was Customized As Per The Profile

The Freelancer

The freelancers could see, login, create, and edit their personal info, and accept/reject bookings as per their availability.


The Agency

The agency could assign services to its agency members.


The Agency Member

The agency members could accept/reject bookings as per their availability.

Payments receipt


The platform followed an escrow system. The payments were divided into various steps, depending on the service being provided. Some were hourly based while some followed a fixed amount.

Commission, in both cases, was charged as per the state tax rule.

However, the service provider was asked to enter their final price for the given service, and a third party would calculate the state tax for that area and display the final amount to the user.


The business model was more friendly for the ones seeking employment opportunities across the area because of the ‘freelance’ model. On the other hand, the agencies could expand their services to multiple locations without needing a physical store.

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