Building an advanced and trusted home services solution

A comprehensive home services solution

‘Blue Corridor’ is an On-Demand platform built to provide services such as fitness instructors, home repairs, electricians, delivery, plumbers, movers, and packers with pre-registered professionals suited for your needs.

Users Application

Once on the platform, our match-making algorithm identifies professionals who are closest to the user’s requirements and available at the requested time and date.

Service Provider App

A platform that allows skilled and experienced professionals to connect with users looking for specific services.

Problem Statement

Digital Marketplaces have displaced the traditional methods of how customers book services. The latter gives rise to scattered data and creates problems of hiring, training, and managing staff.

The Fix

The course of hyperlocal services is still at a nascent phase that makes it tough for the users to request home services online with their mobile phones. Therefore, it was imperative to fill the gap with a high-functioning solution.

The Solution

With technology nearly displacing flipping through the yellow pages, ‘Blue Corridor’ was a solution where users can book multiple services on a single platform. They can have access to desirable, quick, secured, and categorized services.

Online User experience

An application turning everyday chore into a simple end-to-end experience of booking online home services with least possible time and efforts

Simple & easy onboarding

The idea was to reformulate how conveniently multiple home services can be offered to people through ‘On-Demand’ platforms.

About Us
Home Screen

To help users understand the product more effectively, we made sure our idea was clear and direct.

The interactive designs accurately showcase listings, product offerings, services, to serve the users with the best.

Book a Service

We wanted the user to feel at ease when they use the platform and therefore we made sure every step is a seamless experience for them.

Establishing the right tone

We wanted an interactive design to establish a unique brand identity that made the platform look warm and welcoming.

Service Provider App

It is a standardized solution where the merchants can easily set pricing, packages, and handle bookings. The introduction of a mobile application will make it easier for users to seek services hence encouraging them to use the platform over the already existing competitors.

Clear & Transparent Scheduling

Easy to track

Controlling bookings and subtitutes

Avoid crowded places

Secure Online Payments

AR Helping to find exact location

See All The Statistics On One Go!

The service provider app is easy to understand and use. The layout shows simplified screens for statistics, job status, basic info, etc.

Ease Of Finding the Right Spot

The platform offers everything, it's safe, smooth, and secure for both, the merchants and the users.

UI of Service Provider

With BlueCorridor, we made sure everything fits right where it's supposed to be.
We focused on enhancing the experience for anyone who uses the platform.


‘Blue Corridor’ is a complete on-demand services platform that renders solutions to both the customers and the merchants. With our strategic planning of the use of algorithms, the platform promises efficiency.

‘Blue Corridor’ will challenge the status quo of how users booked services locally using their existing options.

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