09 Feb 2021

Salesforce to end 9 to 5, three more ways for employees to work

Salesforce has announced that its employees will now have the option to work remotely full-time. The company has proposed the choice to ‘work from anywhere’ forever.

As per the new guidelines, Salesforce will offer its employees three different options for how they'll work: flex, fully remote, and office-based.

The decision to provide new ways of working was based on employee wellness surveys the company has been sending around since the onset of the pandemic.

For employees who work within the "flex" option, they'll report to the office anywhere from one to three days each week for tasks that are more challenging to do over video calls, like team collaboration, customer meetings, or presentations.

This will open new options and help improve equality and diversity within the company. Salesforce told employees they could work from home until August 2021, initially. But like many other tech companies, its plans seem to have shifted in the intervening months.

Last year, as the company started reopening its 160 offices worldwide. It created a more "sterile" and "hospital-like" environment, removing light-hearted touches like trinkets on desks and "huge jars of gummy bears everywhere," CEO Marc Benioff told The New York Times in June.

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01 Jun

Instagram changes algorithm: Amidst the Gaza conflict

The app previously prioritized original content over existing, re-shared posts in its "stories" feature, but it will now treat both equally, according to the company.

Image Credit : Kim Lyons

31 May

Google compressing photos: How bad is it?

Google Photos has long provided one of the best deals in photo storage: it will back up your entire library for free, as long as the images can be compressed slightly.

Image Credit : Jacob Kastrenakes

29 May

Google spying on our location?

According to court documents, Google buried location settings so people wouldn't disable them. According to newly released documents, Google also put pressure on other Android manufacturers to make the settings less visible.

Image Credit : Mika Baumeister

27 May

30 min delivery on Instacart a problem?

In the crowded food- and grocery-delivery space, Instacart hopes that cutting a few minutes will make all the difference. To that end, it is launching a new “priority delivery” option today in select markets

Image Credit : Bryan Menegus

26 May

Airbnb can replace your landlords

Airbnb does not want you to forget about it, especially if you are planning a post-pandemic vacation.

Image Credit : Richard Bord/Getty Images

25 May

‘New Generation of Windows’ soon - Microsoft

Microsoft is planning to release details about its PC operating system. During his Build keynote this morning, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella teased this announcement

Image Credit : Tom Warren

19 May

In-person conference experience on Zoom

Zoom today announced an expanded live events product that will be available this summer. Zoom Events expands on Zoom's previous paid event marketplace.

Image Credit : Ian Carlos Campbell

18 May

Windows 10X is dead

Microsoft has confirmed today that it will no longer release Windows 10X. The operating system was supposed to be released alongside new dual-screen devices like the Surface Neo, with a lighter and simpler interface and features.

Image Credit : Tom Warren

18 May

Project Starline, a next-gen 3D video chat booth

Google is developing a next-generation video chat booth that allows the person you're chatting with to appear in 3D in front of you.

Image Credit : macrovector

17 May

Microsoft teams for families?

Today, Microsoft is releasing the personal version of Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams, which was previewed nearly a year ago, is now available for free personal use among friends and family.

Image Credit : Tom Warren

11 May

You can now send money internationally, through Google Pay

Google Pay users in the United States can now send money to GPay users in India and Singapore, the company announced on Tuesday, marking the company's first foray into the remittances market.

Image Credit : Smith Collection/Gado / Getty Images

11 May

Personal pronouns on your Instagram profile

Watching people mention their pronouns in their Instagram bio has become so common that the app now has a dedicated area where users can put pronouns without taking up valuable profile space.

Image Credit : Instagram

11 May

$100M for Youtube creators

Throughout the next year, YouTube plans to pay $100 million to creators who use YouTube Shorts, its TikTok competitor. The goal is to encourage creators to sign up for and continue to post to its new service

Image Credit : Youtube

04 May

"Captions sticker" that allows users to watch without sound

Instagram is making its video Stories and Reels more accessible by introducing a new "captions sticker" that allows users to watch without sound.

Image Credit : Instagram

04 May

Live audio rooms with Twitter

Twitter Spaces, the company's new live audio rooms feature, is becoming more widely available. Twitter Spaces will be available to any account with 600 followers or more, including iOS and Android users, the company announced today.

Image Credit : TechCrunch

03 May

Vaccine finder in India - All thanks to Facebook

As the South Asian nation grapples with the latest wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Facebook has announced a $10 million grant to support emergency response efforts in India and has launched its Vaccine Finder tool in the country.

Image Credit : Abhishek Chinnappa / Getty Image

01 May

Only if you could be a meme! Zoë Roth sells 'Disaster Girl' meme as NFT for $500,000

The original photograph of the woman in the viral "Disaster Girl" meme was sold for $473,000 (£341,000). Zo Roth, now 21, became an internet sensation

Image Credit : Zoë Roth's father, Dave

28 Apr

Play something, with Netflix

Netflix today is officially launching a feature that will make it easier to find something to watch when you’re stuck browsing and unable to make a decision.

Image Credit : TechCrunch

28 Apr

Finally, someone who pronounces my name right!

Names are important, and it's infuriating when you're trying to send a text or make a phone call and Google Assistant mispronounces or simply doesn't recognize a contact.

Image Credit : Charles Deluvio

28 Apr

Vaccine booking on Uber

Uber is rolling out more than a half-dozen innovative features, including the ability to book vaccine appointments at Walgreens

Image Credit : Uber

28 Apr

Microsoft changing its font for the first time in 15 years

Microsoft is changing the default Office font next year and wants everyone to help choose the new one.

Image Credit : Microsoft Design Team

23 Apr

iMacs still have a BIG CHIN: The ‘Spring Loaded’ edition

New Apple products bring with them new design idiosyncrasies. Apple's product design is typically excellent, setting industry standards for how many of the gadgets and computers we use on a daily basis look and feel.

Image Credit : Apple

23 Apr

Get tipped on Twitter

Twitter has stated that it is looking into features such as tipping to give people a way to pay other Twitter users, and now we have more evidence that a tip feature is on the way.

Image Credit : Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter

22 Apr

LILAC iPhone - Apple matching with the fashion trends

Color influences our moods and spaces, allowing us to cultivate desired behaviors and feelings.

Image Credit : TechCrunch

12 Apr

Microsoft acquires Nuance for $19.7B

Microsoft announced this morning that it will pay $19.7 billion for Nuance Communications, a speech-to-text company. The obvious focus here appears to be on healthcare — Microsoft announced a Cloud for Healthcare last year.

Image Credit : Ron Miller/TechCrunch

12 Apr

Pizza on wheels: Nuro delivery

Domino's Pizza announced Monday that it will begin delivering pizzas via Nuro driverless cars in Houston this week as part of a pilot program.

Image Credit : Domino’s

06 Apr

The youngest Indian startup to be valued at $2 billion or higher

CRED - the famous startup based in Bangalore, announced on Tuesday that it had raised $215 million in new funding round

Image Credit : Manish Singh / TechCrunch

18 Mar

€35M funding for Cubyn

Cubyn, who is also a loyal client of the organization we partnered with, has raised another €35M in funding. This Paris-based logistics company lets e-merchants outsource fulfillment and delivery services.

Image Credit : Cubyn

17 Mar

Healthcare on-demand from Amazon

Amazon Care has launched 18 months ago with the goal of providing Amazon employees and their families with immediate access to high-quality medical care.

Image Credit : Amazon

08 Mar

Refraction AI raises $4.2 million

Refraction AI, based in Ann Arbor, announced today that it has raised $4.2 million in a seed funding round. The company, that debuted on the TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility stage in 2019, was created by two University of Michigan professors

Image Credit : TechCrunch

08 Mar

iMac is no more

Yup! You heard that right, Apple discontinues iMac Pro. They’ll be available till the stocks last. App store removed all build-to-order configurations of the product.

Image Credit : Veanne Cao

08 Mar

Its $10.6 million for Praava Health

Healthcare industry is HUGE. Investors are more than happy in investing in the right idea. Praava Health, for instance - this Bangladeshi company combines telemedicine with physical health.

Image Credit : Praava health

24 Feb

After Amazon, Walmart’s Flipkart Also To Deploy Electric Vehicles In India

On 24th, Flipkart said the company will deploy 25,000+ eclectic vehicles in the next 10 years as Walmart aims to achieve 100% transition to eclectic mobility by 2030.

Image Credit : flipkart stories

22 Feb

Spotify HiFi, A New High End Subscription Service By The Swedish Media Company

In their online event “Steam On”, the swedish audio streaming service provider Spotify announced their plan to launch a new high-end subscription service called Spotify HiFi.

Image Credit : Puria Berenji

04 Feb

“I am taking it to the grave”, tweeted The Hustle’s CEO Sam Parr

HubSpot, a sales and marketing software company, announced the acquisition of the platform, The Hustle, an email newsletter and content company for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Image Credit : The Hustle

04 Feb

Rocket.Chat raises $19M for its open source approach to improve security, add smart bot and more

Rocket.Chat saw a growth of 500% in their user base and a 260% increase in their open-source community.

Image Credit : Rocket.Chat

02 Feb

Uber to acquire Drizly

Drizly, on the 2nd of february 2021, announced that they have reached an agreement for Uber to acquire the platform for approximately $1.1 billion in stock and cash

Image Credit : Getty Images