The Unique Opportunity to Design
the Future of Technology

Tech Tiles asked us to help them move forward with their 4 smart application that are a great contribution to technology.

They wanted to build an online experience that highlighted their products and make lives simpler for everyone who wanted to explore technology.

Our designers set out to create a sophisticated design for the website that brilliantly featured their products. Our out thinking solutions were the key element of this project.

Our User-Centered Approach

We started out by creating a layout that sketched the idea of the products in the users minds. Our user-centered approach involved an honest look at the content. We prioritized the information that users want the most. By adding animated icons and visual content, we made everything easy to understand.

Creating a Story by Designing
Finely detailed Graphics

Infographics have incredible capabilities in drawing ultimate conclusions. For Tech Tiles, our graphics worked as a tool for visual storytelling that created a bigger and better picture in the user’s mind.

Highlighting Their Insightful Products

We made sure that their products are highlighted aptly on the web. Point descriptions under each product made user understand their application easily.

Simplifying support on the Web

To build a perfect unison of Design and Technology, we linked their website and support system together. This was an intelligent solution to reduce the complexities of navigation. The Support Page also had FAQs that instantly connected users to the support system.

An Incredible Chat Option to
Get help at the point of need

A constant connection with your audience is the best business strategy. So, we creatively added a chat system in the home-page, in case the customers have any concerns with the software.

It was an enormous task to create a website keeping in mind the perception of users. We wanted the users to picture how these Tech products will benefit them and make their lives simpler.
This was all we aimed for from the start!