How we made Online Shopping
More Engaging

Before Sunglass Outlet approached us to design their website they already had a significant online presence in the market with their multiple online stores running in different domains.

To boost their sales they wanted us to create a totally different experience for their shoppers. We were elated to built a modern and engaging online store for all the fashion lovers out there.

Giving Shoppers A Reason To Buy

70% of the shoppers are not sure what they are looking for, so we made their product discovery experience better. Now they could filter their search according to the colors they find interesting and the brands they love. This gave them a real reason to shop!

Making Interactions Possible

The visual responses helped the users to explore all the products better. One could now sign up and create their wish list of products. They could also add honest reviews on the product page to help other shoppers.

Listing all the Iconic Brands

59% of the shoppers love to buy sunglasses from their favorite brands. Listing all the iconic brands made purchases faster. The “Best Seller”page displayed the most trending sunglasses.

Combining Database for their Multiple Websites

Since Sunglasses Outlet was already in business with different domain names, we combined the database for their multiple websites and presented it as one. It was now easier for the admin to manage online orders, cancel requests and deliveries for all the websites from just 1 control panel.

Comparisons without the Clutter

Shoppers can now make informed decision by comparing sunglasses on the same page. All they have to do is select sunglasses and click compare.

Making Payments easier

We introduced payments in customer’s respective country currency. Easier payments have always added great value to User Experience.

Sunglasses Outlet is now becoming the largest sunglasses selling store in the UK. We are loving how technology and simplicity is pleasantly occupying customers and inspiring them to make a move.