Launching the Biggest Food
Tech Startup in Dubai

Our journey with Spoonfed started when a young team of 4 entrepreneurs wanted to launch a food tech startup in the most populous city of UAE - Dubai. They aimed to distinguish themselves from their competitors by offering distance food deliveries from the best restaurants in Old Dubai to their customers living & working in New Dubai!

A streamlined and intuitive food app attracts a lot of attention, so we set out to develop things dramatically different than before. We carefully crafted features with wireframes, mockups, and prototypes for web and mobile.

Everything Starts by understanding the Customer Needs

We closely worked with Spoonfed’s business team to understand what customers in Dubai need the most. While they were working on improving logistics and deliveries, we devoted our services in making the app more user-friendly. From choosing dishes to placing orders, we made sure the app is intuitive enough to help the customer take the next step.

An Ultimate Marketing Tool

Our design team came up with a simple yet elegant mock to design the website and convert leads into customers. By displaying the restaurants on the home-page we gave the customer an option to filter and search their favorite restaurants.

Marketing Strategy that Works Wonders

To attain their business objectives we deployed the best marketing strategies. With Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click and Facebook Ads, exclusively designed for their business, we successfully derived and handled the customers of Dubai.

From Then to Now

Today, our Spoonfed team is challenging every norm by fetching new ideas and turning them into a hardcore reality. The food startup that came to us is now a well-established brand in Dubai with thousands of food orders in such a short span.

It has been a hell of a ride and we cannot ask for better outcomes!