Making Sendos the Number 1

Choice for Pizza Delivery

Sendos, a popular food joint with over 30 locations nationwide wanted us to build a tempting online experience that made Pizza delivery accessible to all their customers. They wanted people to know about their unlimited food deals and adaptable menus to offer free delivery to homes and offices.

Building a Platform dedicated to all the foodies out there

We brilliantly crafted a design with the clear intention to target foodies all over India. Just like Sendo’s eating joints, we wanted to give a warm, inviting ambience with friendly service on this online platform. We aimed for a WordPress integrated design, incredibly capable of delivering a powerful performance.

Connecting restaurants with People

The “Order Online” Option on the homepage would be directed to the Locations page where the customer can search for nearby stores. Here, we set out to add the information of each and every Sendo’s restaurant in the country to make it really easy for restaurants to reach the customers.

Selecting your favorite Meals was never so easy

We listed every food item based on categories. User can now select their favorite meal by using a filter that gives an option to choose and add items to the cart.

It is always a great experience to be associated with popular brands. Sendo’s has been one of our most loved food joints and we wish them all the success.