They Crafted Furniture, We Introduced the
Best Ideas to Promote Their Craft

Bringing the right taste in Furniture

We were asked by The Living Concept to help them grow their customer base and uplift their living standards.

Minimal Design that Upsurge the Value of Products

We were excited because The Living Concept wanted us to create a simple and clean design that highlighted their products. They asked us to take care of every excruciating detail that makes the website easy to navigate.

This is when our collaboration became meaningful.

The Art of Deduction

Any Clutter that can go, must go!

We made every page as easy as possible. From Listing the furniture in categories to the call button, we took care of literally everything for a better User Experience. We created a uniquely simple About Us and Contact Us page so that Local Audience has no trouble accessing it.

For a smooth and delightful experience, we brought in a mouse hover option. Now, the potential customer did not have to click through the various product images for measurement and perspectives.

An Exciting Blog Section to Transform the Image

Our marketing team set out to create a fun and inspiring session that engaged the customers on the website. This is the reason, special attention was paid to the blog section.

Every week, we worked on new ideas for a blog. From best design ideas to their deluxe furniture, we invited customers to be a part of their store. This made The Living Concept more than a furniture company. They became Furniture Artists.

Challenging the norm

We took up the challenge to reset expectations about how to use a website.

Since The Living Concept was not an online store, we figured out they needed an Enquire button with every product. A simple Enquiry tab was created where the interested buyer can give their number and the team will contact them at the earliest.

Unique Names. Delightful Experiences

We added life into every furniture piece with alluring names that aimed to create a strong mental picture. Appealing names for comfortable furniture was a perfect unison of style and convenience.

Local Clientele. Maximum reach

Since this is a local store, our focus was completely in highlighting the products displayed on the website. So we visited their store, clicked pictures and uploaded them with beautiful backgrounds. This invited a lot of Enquiries for the products!

We believe that our Customer Oriented Approach was the biggest reason for the success of this website. More than them, we loved working with the team of The Living Concept!