The Story of How We Build A
Multi-Platform Music Brand- IhouseU

Our work dates back to the time when, the world’s leading multi-platform music brand wanted to increase users on their platform by developing an app.

After working with us on the development of their web platform, they now wanted to create the one and only news app that delivered latest information of the diverse music industry.

Designing an Innovative News App

From deciding the color combination on the app to listing articles, our designers introduced some out-thinking solutions to increase user engagement.

Making an ihouseu the premier
app for Music lovers

We defined the love of all music lovers by developing an app for the world’s premier house and electronic multi-platform brand- IhouseU. The platform is built in 7 different languages and attracts over 500,000 monthly users around the globe.

Integrating Apple News with Drupal

With the Drupal Apple news integration, IhouseU became the perfect promotions partner for music release and events worldwide.

Translating Content to
7 Different Languages

To make it easily readable for people all around the globe, we translated the content on the website in 7 different languages. These include- English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, French, German and Russian. Content could now transform in just a fraction of seconds!

Calendar Search on the Events

By designing a special calendar IhouseU simply gave details about the upcoming events and shows. Music lovers can now get easy access to the events with this Calendar. They can search the number of events on a particular date in their specified location.

The Global Search Button
to Search Literally Everything

We integrated a Global Search button that enables the user to search events, listings, music, videos and mixes. This assumptive and simplistic approach helps people in accessing the website much closely.

The Outcome

Today, the total monthly users of IhouseU have reached 500,000 with people browsing its website, Apple News and mobile apps.