Redesigning A Social Network With
An Ultimate Marketing Tool

Twitter and Instagram are the most recognized global platforms. To help businesses and people with these renowned brands, Hangstreet asked us to redesign their social network that lets them increase followers on both these platforms.

Followers in Lieu of Hearts

Hangstreet had an amazing concept where the user offers hearts to the recent follower. For every follow, a hangster must give away 1 to 10 hearts from their account. We made sure Hearts were displayed neatly on the user profile to help decision making.

Reimagining and Wireframing

We set out to build a social media joint which clearly stated every purpose. Our wireframing included a neat background with solid Call To Action. We carefully placed content in the areas where users search the most.

Listing the featured Hangsters and Paid Packages

We carefully crafted Hangstreet’s featured and paid packages in a clean and clutter free design. This was an easy way to make sure that the user finds exactly what they are looking for while making a purchase.

Managing Twitter Account Via Hangstreet

To streamline the process for social peeps, we designed a platform that would help them post, follow and overall manage their Twitter account via Hangstreet.

More than a Connecting Network

More than just connecting people with Twitter and Instagram, Hangstreet allows users to send requests, make groups and chat. It is a discrete social media platform to connect with like minded individuals, also known as the hangsters.

The final result was a stunning set of web pages interlinked in the most interactive way possible. Our designers made this project a success with their vast UI knowledge and the sole purpose of bringing people closer on the web.