Insightful Solution for the massive
Form Filling Problems of the Green Globe

Green Globe, a renowned certification for the tourism industry was facing major problems in maintaining and compiling Excel Sheets for Audits. They wanted a solution that digitized their Audits and made the hefty form filling easier for their member hotels.

From shifting their database from manual documents to creating online solutions for both Members and Auditors, we were asked to turn their manual process into a smart app.

The Opportunity to Re-think, Refresh and Re-build

We researched and collected all the data to create a fully customized App for 3 users - Members, Auditors and Administrator. All these 3 interfaces were created for a smoother and better functioning at every level.

Making Form Filling easier for the Members

Now there was no need for the members to go through 100 pages of documents for their multiple properties. Our Smart Online form filling app made it very easy for them to fill questionnaires, attach documents and forward it to the Auditor.

Enabling the Chat Feature

Since their list of members was global, we gave them an option to switch data in their prefered languages. This added a great User Experience as members were more comfortable answering in their local language.

Faster and easier management for the Auditors

We customized the Auditor’s Dashboard with the list of Ongoing and Completed Audits. They could now easily open up any Ongoing Audit, comment and ask the members for evidences.

They could also generate reports of the Completed ones and proceed them to the Chief Auditor for approval. This Online system made their job faster than ever and easier to manage.

Personalizing the Admin’s Dashboard

To manage the complete system efficiently, we created a dashboard for the Chief Auditor. Only after the Admin approves the audit, a final certificate can be generated and sent to the member.

Making the Process Simpler for IHG Certified Members

We simplified the Audit for the properties that were IHG certified. Now the members didn’t have to fill down each acute detail for their multiple properties. IHG certified members were redirected to a shorter list of questions that were not covered under their IHG certification.

Instant Notifications to Alert the Users

The App recorded every activity on the dashboard. An instant alert was sent to the user whenever there was a message, comment or any other updation. This connected the Users and offered a great online experience.

This remarkable App transformed the Audits for Green Globe. Everything became easier for both the Member and the Auditors. We feel great to be a part of their amazing journey of going digital!