A Project Management System To
Track Work From Start To Finish

At ILLUMINZ, we understand the power of project management. We know how important it is to maintain a good track record of teams and projects. In our years of experience we have helped our team in bringing things together to complete projects. With our clear understanding of business models, we have now launched DONE- PMS to help other businesses achieve their goals.

Teams Work Better With DONE

For better productivity, your team should be aware of the updates in the projects they are working on. DONE helps your team in achieving great heights for the business. When your team is well-informed about the whereabouts of the project, nothing can go wrong.

Task Management Made Easy

Now you don’t have to remember what was assigned to who. DONE lets you add team members, tasks and clients. This forms a clutter free project management system that never fails in crucial scenarios. Enhance overall performances of teams with DONE PMS.

A Project Management System For All

Be it companies or freelancers, DONE is the perfect Project Management System for all. Add projects, team members, tasks and make the work process smoother like never before.

An Open Source Platform For Those Who like To Customize

We have made DONE open source for those who would like to integrate new features. From making design changes to integrating new technologies, everything is possible with DONE.

Making Conversations Easier Via Emails

It is always easy to communicate via email. This is why DONE lets conversations flow smoothly via emails. Members are updated in their Inbox, anytime there is any activity on the system.

All Updates Free- Forever

You only have to pay for DONE once, after which you can enjoy updates free for a lifetime. A good management system never bothers you with yearly updates. This is why you can fully trust DONE as it is the best PMS to choose.

DONE-PMS is solely built on the idea of how ideal business run. With lots more value- added features, we are happy to successfully launch a system that will help businesses achieve great heights.