Designing A Website for the Artists

Bogsha, a group of fine artists decided to share their art with the world. Like us, they believed in the idea of making things beautiful. We were hugely fascinated with their art as it was inspired by patterns and prints. We were thrilled with the collaboration as we shared the same quality of work.

At the initial stage, we discussed what inspired their experiences and what vision they had for their designs. It was astounding for us to know that this talented group wanted to make experiences better for customers with their artwork.

They wanted us to create an ecommerce store to sell their handcrafted gift wrapping paper and boxes to the ones who appreciate beautiful presents.

Inspiring Creativity that Startles

We worked with Bogsha to create a platform that was inspired by the creativity of patterns. We went generous with white space on the background to improve readability. The addition of photos, graphics and videos just added up to this pleasant experience on the web.

The Power of Personalization: Cutting the Clutter

Beautifully wrapping a gift with unique paper adds a quick and effortless mark of style and quality . It communicates love and concern to the loved ones. With our user centric thinking, we made this online experience more engaging for everyone.

Keeping their online shop simple and minimalistic, we made navigation smooth for art lovers to find things easily. Now by simply choosing the category of items, one could only find the products they were looking for.

Promoting the brand that Truly cares for Customers

We loved promoting a brand that deeply cared about their customers. So, we designed a section for their Stories where users could get innovative tips and tricks to learn new artworks. This was a great space for artist and non-artist to get insights and make gifts special for their loved ones.

At ILLUMINZ, we love brands that deeply care for their customers. This is the reason we loved Bogsha for their amazing handiwork. We wish they spread this vision and make the world better with design.