Helping Brands Communicate

with Local Audience

123 AD, an outdoor advertising agency was manually handling their advertisers and clients until they approached us to create a responsive web portal that could do all the work on their behalf.

They asked us to create a platform that not only acted as a bridge between the two parties but also made the process of outdoor advertising faster and easier.

Giving 123 AD a full fledged platform
that localized Global Media Creators

We believe every business problem has its solution in design. So we aimed to create a simple and intelligent solution with world class programming architecture to bring clients and media owners together.

Giving Advertisers the Option
to Mark Properties

We gave an amazing solution to all the advertisers to mark their available properties with Satellite View or Google Maps. Now, they could easily search properties and list them according to the availability of dates.

Building a bridge between
Clients and Media Owners

For the ones who wanted to book billboards, posters and roadside panels could now simply sign in to filter their search by the dates and locations available. We also gave them an option to contact the advertiser for the property and book weekly slots for their ads.

Advertising the Way You
Pictured Your Ad to Be

A constant connection with your audience is the best business strategy. So, we creatively added a chat system in the home-page, in case the customers have any concerns with the software.

Transforming Customer Support

For the best-in-class User Experience we created a special FAQ section that includes every possible question in the user’s mind. We added an incredible chat feature so no user questions are left unanswered.

Quick and Easy Payment

From entering your credit card detail to reviewing your final draft, we made the final steps of booking effortless.

Every project starts with understanding the client’s need and this was what we aimed for 123 AD. It was a successful project that made Outdoor advertising simpler and smarter.