Web Developer in PHP

We are looking for candidates with 1-3 years of experience in developing web applications in PHP CMSs like Wordpress, Drupal, and concrete5.

You should have:
  • BCA/MCA/Btech degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • Strong logical skills
  • Strong knowledge of relational and non-relational database management systems.
  • Good communication skills
  • Regular exposure to business stakeholders and executive management, as well as the authority and scope to apply your expertise to many interesting technical problems.
  • Candidate must have a strong understanding of UI, cross-browser compatibility, general web functions and standards.
  • The position requires constant communication with colleagues.
  • Experience in planning and delivering software platforms used across multiple products and organizational units.
  • Deep expertise and hands on experience with Web Applications and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and API's.
  • Deep functional knowledge or hands on design experience with REST based Web Services is needed to be successful in this position.
  • Strong grasp of security principles and how they apply to E-Commerce applications.
  • Strong knowledge of front end scripting languages and libraries like ES5, ES6, jQuery, AngularJS and ReactJS
  • Strong knowledge of server side scripting languages like PHP and nodeJS
  • Work experience in PHP frameworks like Laravel and Lumen
  • Work experience in NodeJS
  • Work experience in MySQL, MongoDB

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The shortest algorithm with the fastest output would be considered.

$employees =[
['name' => 'A', 'address' => 'Mumbai'],
['name' => 'F', 'address' => 'Nasik'],
['name' => 'S', 'address' => 'Mohali'],
['name' => 'Q', 'address' => 'Chandigarh'],
['name' => 'B', 'address' => 'Gujrat'],
['name' => 'T', 'address' => 'Jaipur'],
['name' => 'G', 'address' => 'Indore'],
['name' => 'N', 'address' => 'Pune']

Above is given a sample of random employees' list, you need to write down an algorithm to output an employee's address whose name is given as an input i.e. If the input is "Q", then the output is "Chandigarh". If the input is "R", the output is "Null".