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Top 8 Health and Fitness Apps in 2022

To lead a healthy life, you must seek healthy habits for yourself, mentally and physically. Everyone has their own way of doing it. It could be Fitbit counters and watching calorie intakes to meditation apps.

Jul 11, 20224 mins read
Metaverse Real Estate is Like A Land On The Moon

Being a real estate owner in Metaverse is like owning a property on the moon. It is a future investment, perhaps, even for your future generations. If you or your next generation went for a moon visit or went trading in Metaverse, you should collect the right assets to help them.

Jul 6, 20225 mins read
Take Charge Of Your Real Estate Business With AR

Do you want to buy a holiday home in Miami with a beautiful beach view or Get a bachelor pad on the Sunset Strip in LA? The task of looking through houses and the hard work of packing and moving on top of your job hours is daunting. On average, Americans move about 11 times in their lifetime!

Jun 30, 20225 mins read
Digital Age and The Top Strategic Technology Trends of 2022

We live in the digital age. Everything has added some value to our everyday life. Not many actions today are beyond that statement for security is cybersecurity, the mail is e-mail, and meetings are virtual meets now.

Jun 28, 20225 mins read