When And Why You Should Use Node.js as Your Backend

September 28th, 2017

Ever since the launch of Node.js, web developers all around the globe are taking advantage of the benefits offered by this open source platform. The exclusive features of Node.js are making the rounds for all the right reasons. Written in JavaScript, this cross-platform has the perfect runtime environment that makes it an amazing choice for real time applications.

If you are also considering to go for web application development, Node.js is the optimum choice to get started with the project.

The JavaScript used in Node.js is effective enough to help developers build web servers and networking tools.

This is the reason many application developers are preferring this scripting language over other development platforms.

Moreover, the Node.js applications function on multiple servers including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Unix.

It also comes with an inbuilt library which allows you to take advantage of extended features to applications to act as web servers.

It’s super lightweight with the ability to use JavaScript on both front and backend. This is why larger enterprises have shifted to this development platform.

In this article, we will list the when and why you should choose Node.js as your backend.

Let’s Start:

1) Node.js offers Speed

Node.js uses the V8 engine built by Google to offer commendable speed to web developers. Its lightning speed is the result of compilation of JavaScript into machine code. Rather than jumbling up the data in form of threads, Node.js allows asynchronous I/O operations with a single event loop.

Common tasks in web applications like reading or writing to the database, reading and writing to network connections and reading or writing to the file system can be executed speedily using Node.js.

This helps businesses build a smart, scalable and stable network applications that handles concurrent connections with high throughput.

Node.js is the perfect platform to help developers take the right step, whenever they write a code.

2) Node.js is used to build server side applications.

The real reason why Node.js shines as a web development platform is because it is the first real-time scripting language where both client and server can exchange data freely and communicate.

The introduction of Node.js brought in the push technology that allowed two way connection between the client and server. This allowed free exchange of data with real time 2-way connection where the communication can be initiated by both client and server.

Moreover, it’s all based on the open web stack (HTML,CSS and JS) running over the standard port 80.

Node.js works best for real time applications that access a huge amount of short messages with low latency. These are real-time applications and can be easily built on Node.js.

Moreover, the specification of this framework makes it the best platform to develop drawing/editing apps to make it possible for the user to watch the documents being modified live on the other end (such as Trello, Dropbox Paper or Google Docs).

When Node.js Should Not Be Used

Through Node.js is optimum platform for many applications, there are scenarios when using this scalable framework can actually backfire.

When You have to run heavy CPU operations

Developers believe in Node.js for all the run-time applications that use a single CPU core.

Node.js is an event driven, non-blocking I/O model that is perfect for building chat based applications.

If you try Node.js for applications that demand heavy CPU job, it will block the incoming requests.

If you are building heavy CPU based software one must go for other technologies that offer better results.


You don’t need Node.js to build HTML or CRUD application as these applications don’t need a separate API and the data is rendered directly from the server.

Using node for these applications would turn out to be marginally more scalable and expecting huge traffic on your website with Node.js can prove you wrong.

Package Quality

There are certain things you need to consider before starting a project with Node.js. Many packages for Node.js applications are available in Node Package Manager. NPM is the package manager for JavaScript.

Here are some perks associated with this package such as-

1. It is a dynamic community

2. The technology is becoming sophisticated each passing day

3. At the moment npm is the largest repository available.

However, you cannot be sure about the package quality. Often there are problems related to these packages when they are only supported by individual users which makes maintenance of these systems a debatable issue.

Applications Built On Node.js

1. Paypal

One of the largest payment platforms Paypal is using Node.js to build their web applications.

With Node.js users can easily and quickly attempt online transactions in more than 100 currencies.

As of 2015, there are around 184 million active customers who use Paypal for their transactions. With Node.js they can quickly transact with each other online.

2. Linkedin

Founded in the year 2002, LinkedIn is a social networking service build for businesses.

Linkedin users can invite anyone (whether they have a Linkedin account or not) to become a connection.

In addition to the 400 million users and a coverage in 200 countries, it is available in 24 languages. LinkedIn uses Node.js to empower the server side of their mobile app.

And the reason is the scalability offered by Node.js.

Linkedin was initially built on Ruby, but ever since the company shifted on Node.js, the platform added speed that was up to 20 times faster than the earlier version.


Uber is a successful multinational online transportation networking firm that offers service in more than 60 countries and 404 cities.

The app pairs consumers with Uber drivers who use their own cars.

At the end of a ride, the complete fare is automatically billed to the customer’s credit card. As one of the first companies that put Node.js into full production, Uber has built its massive matching system on Node.js.

With a plethora of solutions for businesses, Node.js offers effective enterprise solutions. If you think Node.js is the right platform, connect with the right development company to start today.