What are the different types of SSL certificates for your business

September 26th, 2017

Since Google stated the importance of SSL certificate that ensures the encryption of personal data on the website, every website owner is concerned about these security issues.

Owning a certificate

An SSL certificate is not a functionality but a digital certificate that assures trust within the company and the customers.

This certificate can be best identified with an HTTPS in the url.

HTTPS helps in preventing intruders from changing with the communications between your websites and the users’ browsers.

Intruders can be anyone who is intentionally attacking your network. From people who are maliciously attacking the system to the companies who inject ads on your website.

Having an SSL certificate ensures your customers that the website is safe and they can submit their personal data without any concerns of being scammed. 

The Analysis of getting the type of SSL Certificate

Before you choose an SSL certificate, make sure you analyze your website to see whether or not you really need the SSL certificate for your website. 

Analyze whether  your website is for public or internal use? and;

What securities are really needed in the website?

Imagine if  you are looking for a new phone on the top online electronic and shopping websites. Comparing prices for the same piece is something we all do. 

As you go through each and every review on the website, here’s what you notice:

1. The price on website A is $295 with bad reviews about the product being fake, complaints about delivery and so on.

2. On website B, you notice the price of the phone as $350 with average customer reviews, like complaints about the product feels like used before, and some happy customers who have liked the product.

3. Lastly, website C displays the price of the same phone as $400 with excellent customer reviews stating that the product they received is great and performs amazingly well.

Which website will you go for?

Though the price on the last website is more than first 2 , people will still prefer to buy this product from the 3rd website. “Because it’s about the trust.”

On internet it’s all about trust, always.

And this is what an SSL certificate does.

It builds trust with the users! 

You notice the green lock on top of websites? It is one way to ensure the website is SSL proof.

SSL certificates

Types of SSL certificates

With all that information on the SSL certificate, let’s move on to the types of the certificates available.

Today, there are 3 types of certificates:

1. Domain Validated certificates (DV)

2. Organization Validated certificate (OV)

3. Extended Validation certificates (EV)

What’s a Domain Validated Certificate (DV)

The first in the category of SSL certificates is the Domain Validated certificate.

Though it is an SSL certificate, it involves high risk taking and can be compared to a low trusted seller.

It is not considered as a legit certificate and customers are recommended to refrain from the sellers who have registered under DV certificate.

It is recommended using these types of certificates where security is not a concern like the protected internal systems.

 A business cannot use Domain Validated certificates for commercial use.

DV certificate in Internet Explorer:


Notice the icon before the url. The book icon represents that the website is DV certified.

What is Organizational Validated Certificate (OV)

OV certificate are best used for commercial purposes as they contain important business information.

OV certificates are only handed over after all the documents are exchanged. This proves the seller’s authenticity and ensures the corect use.

Organizational Validated certificates are registed with the  X.509 RFC standards and can be best used for medium sized organizations.

OV certificate in Firefox:

Secure website

A simple grey lock icon before the url states that the website is OV certified.

What is Extended Validation Certificate (EV)

Most important certificate is the Extended Validation Certificates.

This certificate is used by world’s leading organizations like Apple, Microsoft and Nike to sell products online.

 The extended validation certificate offers high level of encryption that adds trust and improves the user experience on the website.

Most browsers’ user interfaces did not clearly differentiate between low-validation certificates and those that have undergone more rigorous vetting.

Websites with EV certificates reinstate trust in user.

This certificate is only issued after an extensive exchange of documents defined by Guidelines for Extended Validation.

This ensures the confidence as the EV certificates follow the strictest authentication process.

The EV certificate on any site can be best identified with a Green bar on the top of the browsers.

Types of SSL
Screenshots for EV certificate in Mozilla, Chrome and Internet Explorer

The green bar is only visible in OV certificates.

 So, which one is right for you?

If you are still confused about which certificate to get, we advise you to go for EV certificate that offers high level encryption with added security features on the website.

Today, many consumers look for the green bar before they enter any personal details including name and account details.

An EV certificate on your website will make a huge difference when you run an online business.

According to a research by Symantec, websites that shifted from OV to EV certificate witnessed an increase of 5 – 28% on their website.

If you want to be competitive, you cannot go less than an EV certified website. Especially when you are a business that requires user data such as phone number and credit card details.

An EV certificate makes a difference and keeps your website safe from malicious activities and intruders.

We suggest you to go green today!