How to Reap Benefits of Good User Experience

December 5th, 2017

None of them had the first mover’s advantage

But the one thing common between all these platforms was their capability to offer leverage to their customers. So that people fall for its simplicity and usage.

This is the power of good User Experience.

The study of UX focuses on the customer’s ease and satisfaction.

This is why Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos invested 100 times more in user experience than advertising Amazon.

Mike Gebbia from AirBnB credits UX for a $10 billion turnover of the company.

The success stories of good UX have been increasing worldwide.

User Experience plays a crucial role in your business strategies. It makes user’s journey easy and improves how they interact with websites,mobile apps or products.

It has been making complex applications easy to use. In simple words, UX can be explained as improving the UI so that it looks good and feels right.

Rather than setting your goal as fulfilling the clients requirements, UX focuses on wireframing that makes the interface useful.

1 dollar spent on user experiences brings the return of 100 dollars.

There isn’t any doubt when we state that good user experience leads to good business. Agencies that spend more on UX have noticed the increase in the revenues, less customer acquisition cost and lower support cost.

How to improve UX?

Before it comes to reaping the benefits of good UX, it is important for you to focus on how it should be done the right way.

Start by conducting a small usability test on your product. If it is a website, here are few things you need to record:

1. Where users look to find action buttons and content?

2. Are they finding the navigation easy?

3. Do they get the desired results?

This Moderate type testing should be conducted with users in real time to figure out the most common mistakes in the UI.

At ILLUMINZ, we analyze websites that underperform to know the reasons why these websites fail to impress its targeted audience. The reason is- these websites are not designed keeping the users in mind but the designer himself.

A good UX design needs an understanding from the user’s point of view. Ask questions like-

  • How will the user react to the UI?
  • How to reduce the number of clicks?
  • Where do user’s search for action buttons?

A website should be focused on getting the best solution for the customer. And the only way to do this by observing and interviewing them to know how they interact with your products.  

One can build mental models that outline the key points based on user’s behavior.

How to start wireframing

A common mistake made by agencies lies in the process of prototyping. Usually, agencies come up with high fidelity wireframes that look good. However, this isn’t the right way to work with the design of your product. One needs to cut down on the level of wireframes and work with low fidelity wireframes that sketch the initial idea.

Highlight the most important elements in the product to make sure user is directed without any confusion.

The study of UX helps in shaping these behavior patterns into real life products that solve user problems. And it doesn’t end here. UX needs your continuous testing and adjustments that enhance the design and leads to the better customer experience.

How many users?

You don’t need a hundred participants to conduct a usability test. The process can be conducted by recruiting only 5 people who’ll represent actual users.

Give them actual tasks to complete and ask them to think aloud without any guidelines. Observe their behavior and ask for feedback. This process helps in uncovering many potential issues and enhancing the user experience to about 85% from the current.

Making User Experience a part of your system

UX problems can be only observed once you read user’s mind and work according to their convenience.

Once you have conducted a moderate UX test, try to fix the potential issues in every work you do it the system and incorporate these guidelines into your system. Make it the part of your internal processes to avoid similar mistakes in future.

We have always stressed on the fact that every business problem is a design problem. If you record common design problems in a pattern library, you become more prone to make the same design mistakes over and over again.

Think of it this way- Your product is going to reach so many people. How will they respond to the product? How does your product overcome the drawbacks of its competition? Are the changes well tested?

When working with the UX, testing is more important than anything. It is a long-term business strategy that never fails.

In the past few years, UX and UI have played an important role in user acquisition and retention. Yes, the first mover’s advantage still exists, but building a product which is incomparable with good UX is the real winner.