How Popular Agencies Are Winning Trust of Their Customers With Emails

November 27th, 2017

You know email marketing is important when you learn that the most popular companies are actively marketing their business through emails. From companies like Evernote to Flux, the email game is getting stronger with each passing day.

But with so much said, businesses are still unable to determine what kind of emails they need to create.

You might have tried variations but nothing is converting? If that sounds similar, let’s look into what the masters are doing to increase their growth rate.

Let us suggest you the most popular copies of emails of the companies that have gained popularity with heart winning emails.

Let’s Start

The thing about emails is – they need to look personal.

They have to look that the message is only meant for the customer who has received it in their Inbox. 

But how is it possible? With so many mindsets and people with so many business, how do you make your emails sound personal?

Here’s how Everlane has kept its email simple and to the point while collecting Product Feedback:



Source : Just Good Copy

By specifying that the survey will only take 10 minutes, the team made the request simple and easy to access.

Another company that has been nailing their Product Feedback emails is Olark.  

Source : Just Good Copy

Keeping your emails short, simple and to the point will help you gain more reader attention. Usually customers do not find the time to go through emails so thoroughly, so keeping emails short is the best way out.

Have a look of how DocuSign, a San Francisco-based company that provides electronic signature technology has customized emails for product feedback.

Source : Just Good Copy

Pro Tip: Your Product Feedback emails need to be short and simple. Do not extend emails when you are looking for favors from your readers.  

Checkout this email copy from Headspace where they have started by breaking the ice that their survey is not boring.

Source : Just Good Copy

Thank you Emails:

No matter how hard you have worked for your business, your customers are the most important thing for your business. 

This is why writing a Thank You email is the most crucial part of the business. Here’s how the web-based project management application- 
Trello has been maintaining long lasting relationship with its customers.

Source : Just Good Copy

Trello has clearly up the game by offering a lead magnet to its customers. This definitely impacts on their email open rates in the future as the user always wants to know what’s new in their services.

Here’s how Grabyo- a browser-based live video production suite is sending out Thank You emails  to their customers.

Source : Just Good Copy

Pro Tip: Always try to add some fun element in your Thank You emails. It can be anything from a fun giveaway to a heartfelt message.

Another important type of emails are the Welcome Emails. Once someone has subscribed to your newsletter, a warm welcome to your space is important.

This is how a web agency in New York City is sending out welcome emails to its new customers.

Source : Just Good Copy

Welcome emails should start with your company’s achievements to let readers know that they have landed up in the right place. Investing trust in companies with high success rates is much more simpler.

Welcome emails have the most open rate. So, this is where you inform the readers the most about your agency. Basecamp came up with a stunning copy of email that got readers engaged and interested.

Source : Just Good Copy

You can also keep welcome emails short and simple just like Slack.

Source : Just Good Copy


Slack has creatively added steps to proceed in the email to increase email open rates. Not only it does make signing up simple, it also sets a notion that emails from Slack are an important read.

Email confirmation:

Confirmation email can be debatable, but they are necessary. So make sure you keep it simple and straight-forward just like Figma –

Source : Just Good Copy

Pricing Update

Pricing is one of the most crucial features. And when you are running a business your audience needs to know whenever you are making any alterations in the pricing. This is how Upwork has informed their readers about the price updation.

Source : Just Good Copy

Just notifying your email list can solve the purpose. You can also give an opt out option to make sure your readers won’t receive emails they don’t want.

Source : Just Good Copy


When you know what you want to communicate to your readers, email marketing becomes easy. But, with so many businesses targeting audience in all different ways, a poorly formatted email can land up in Trash.

One thing you need to keep in mind before creating your email is – your motive should be very clear from the start. Create smart email content that highlights your purpose and also produces curiosity.

So, the next time your team sits down to create some emails, get content inspirations for the experts!