How to Create Content Your Audience Really Cares About

October 21st, 2016

How to Create Content Your Audience Really Cares About

Do you want to acquire skills to create content your audience really cares about?

Yes you do!

Creating amazing content is a choice.

But there are so many people posting blogs and articles on the Internet that it has raised the bar for everyone.

If you want your content to be read and remembered you need to create something great. Something your readers will care about!

Companies in the business want to attracts visitors. They want to turn their visitors into customers and further their customers into regulars. The process is not easy.

And when your content has the ability to challenge your reader’s beliefs, they remember your content. Not to mention, they come back for more, hoping for something bigger and better.

In this article, we focus on the skills that make your content better. You can turn your existing posts into an amazing article that is remembered, bookmarked and implemented by your audience.

Here’s the deal:

Streamlining your content can help in managing :

Your content needs to be managed first. You must know the aim of the article. You must list down the ideas you’ll be sharing with our readers.

Even if you are creating a single blog post, the idea of the post should be clear.
How to do that?

You do that by paying attention to every single detail of your writing. This includes word choices, punctuations, sentence formatting and structuring.

Content Symbol

Master the art of creating attractive headlines :

write great headlines

Whenever we talk about creating content, headlines are very important. Always. When you have spend hours writing an exceptionally good content, you decide the faith by creating a headline. Just make sure it is perfect!

Headings and subheadings, we need them both :

Points are easier to read. Divide your content into points to hold your readers with the information. Subheadings help in a simplified comprehension.

Justify your headlines :

You’ll also have to justify your headings by matching them with your content. Your readers will not like to be disappointed after reading the complete article.

Delight with the opening paragraph :

There are 2 ways to do this

1. You can either be too predictable at the beginning and explain your readers their situation in the best words, so they Thank You for addressing it.

2. Or, you can show them a different side of a story, again in the best words that assure the blog will be worth their time.
Have a look of this amazing opening paragraph from the founder of Backlinko, Brian Dean

Brian Dean

Express enthusiasm in the last paragraph :

Wait till the last to add few lines that encourage readers in taking an action. Your call to action should be loud and clear. This is important as your readers should know what to do after they finish reading your blog. Checkout this blog conclusion by Neil Patel :


You see how it encourages you use these tools and share your thoughts?

The Power of Fascinating Bullet Points :

Not everyone has an extra time to read. But, this doesn’t stop them from learning. Writing fascinating bullet points can help them manage their time without missing out on information. This is how you should write points in bullets:

Important Point

Since many readers have a short attention span, bullet points help in reading faster. Enlighten your readers by adding benefits in your headings :

Enlighten your readers by adding benefits in your headings:

Another way to help your readers is by making the content easy to understand. Using benefits in your content headings makes their scanning process easier. It is always easier to understand any point when you know how you will be benefited by it.

Optimize Headline

Command Attention :

You have a second or two to pursue someone to stick to your blog. Your readers scan your blog before reading and your start decides your fate. So, tickle the right part of your brain and sound smart and fresh. You can start by the current news in your niche or a bold statement that claims your blog to be blunt and different.

Use of Stories :

use of story

Bring a better picture by starting out with a story. Words are the most powerful way to connect. You might never meet your readers in person but writing your story can make you win their hearts and minds. Even if you think your content isn’t that powerful, they are always better in a form of story. You can write your business story that includes real people with real emotions.

Tap into words that touch the senses :

When you add words that activate senses like – seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching you are building a great plot for a story.

words that touch the senses

For Example; Instead of saying “I sat down on my chair and started checking my email” you can structure the sentence in a story and say, “I sat on my creaky chair and started going through the long list of unread emails.” Though, both the sentences are similar, the latter one is more intriguing because of the story it tells.

Readers connect more with a story.

And when you touch the senses in a sentence, it is well perceived by them.

Avoid talking about the obvious :

If you notice, many things you state are merely common sense and your take on them can make no difference at all. Try skipping the part of unnecessary information.


The rule of three :

the rule of three

Always remember the rule of three while writing. It is easier to read three points as they create a better comprehension. Why do we have stories like 3 musketeers, Goldilocks & 3 Bears, and 3 Blind Mice?

The use of because :

The word ‘because’ is used when we give an explanation of the sentence. Using the word ‘because’ adds a great support to your data. It gets readers interested in your content. Let us explain the power of because with this example :

1. If you want to demonstrate a point, a story is ideal. A story is like a testimonial for your tip.

2. If you want to demonstrate a point, a story is ideal because it shows how your lesson played out in the real world. A story is like a testimonial for your tip.
Which of the these sentences are easier to understand? Definitely it is the second one as it supports a strong point.

Using the Bucket brigades :

To keep things interesting, use bucket brigades in your content. Short phrases like – Here’s the deal, You might be wondering and It gets better/worse. These short phrases glue the readers with your content.

Add credibility with facts and statistics :

Using statistics in your stories is a great way to add credibility. It validates your data, giving the readers a reason to trust your brand.

Infographic statistics

The figure above shows valid statistics on how the power of infographics have increased and decreased from 2008 to 2014.

Sell to the right audience :

Knowing your targeted audience is very important. Persuading people to buy something that is not of their use is unethical and wrong marketing. Focus your energy on people who’ll really love your product and get benefitted by it.

sell to the right audiance

Expert Tip:

To create a strong brand presence, make sure to write content that highlights true and practical benefits. It is great to set a strong benchmark for your organization and never lowering the standards.

Be Passionate :

The best/worst part about being a company in the business is that your passion will be reflected in the type of content you deliver.

Passionate content shines!

Self-realization also plays a pivotal role in creating great content. If the product you are selling is good and you are excited about it too, it will definitely translate into your work. But, if you are not so interested in it, the same will be understood by your audience. So, love your product first to make it lovable for others.

Get in the details :

Good content takes time. It demands researching. You are not fully in the business till you take your time in getting into the details. If you are selling a product, it is important that you take time to understand it completely. Rather than getting all the technical details, you should use it and learn how will it be perceived.

A blend of Logics and emotions :

Isn’t it the best when you have logics to support emotional decisions? Writing amazing content is all about touching the human spirit. Real business stories are the best example of the unique blend of logics and emotions.

You can read this insightful piece by Jon Morrow to understand the beautiful relationship of logic and emotions :

How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World

Write as a friend :

No matter how large or small your firm is, you have to be an individual talking to another individual. You share the same interest and you happen to have great information about a product that can benefit them.

write as a friend

If you write content with this mindset, you develop a great bond with your reader. They believe you as a friend and not as a marketing personnel.

You should use the word You :

The word you is conversational and is a powerful way of engaging your readers. This is also the first lesson from Michelle Obama’s DNC speech.

use the word you

One Tone Many Voices :

Your content can have many voices but, it should be a single tone. Your business only needs one tone when you are selling your products. It is important to start working on this concept as the content you deliver is the speech for your brand.

one tone many voices

Here are some rules of tone you should follow:

Fun but not childish :

It is very easy to fall into the trap of being childish when you are creating a fun blog post. Resist and read to avoid such mistake. Latest designs and perfect blend of colors can really make your post fun without being childish.

online marketing

Clever but not silly :

Do not sound “know it all”. Your readers need their own space. Be clever not silly. Here’s an example of a silly blog post:

elon musk

Make sure you don’t do this!

Powerful but not complicated :

Complicated text is not well perceived by the audience. Yes, you have to look smart and powerful but going out of the way only complicates things.

Informal but not Sloppy :

Informal content is loved by the readers but going out of the way and using words that are excessively casual will turn off your readers.


Even though “youthful” and “juvenile” technically have the same meaning, “juvenile” has negative connotations that wouldn’t be appropriate for this type of ad.

Cool but not alienating :

You need to get rid of the cliché sentences. They alienate your content.

Cool but not alienating

Expert but not bossy :

Probably everyone has a boss and they may not like him so much.

Expert but not bossy Seems like a simple task? Create ground rules and follow them religiously.

Will to help your readers :

Good content gives out positive vibes. When you have the will to help someone with your knowledge, the readers will feel the instant connection.

Grow as an editor

Grow as an editor

Be a ruthless one :

Focus on each and every word you write. Any clutter that can go, must go. Find the best words that suit the situation. Give your proofreading the attention it demands./

Read your text aloud :

You might have practiced reading with your eyes but when you read your text aloud, you get into a reader’s head and sound exactly how he/she will picture you. Try reading this loud this piece from Neil Patel :

Are you in the process of rolling out a new website?

As you know, there’s a lot that goes into the process. From the design to the development, from content creation to your marketing strategy, there’s not enough time in the day to tackle every task.

While there’s sure to be a lot on your mind, make sure that you spend enough time on keyword research. By doing so, up front, you’ll have a clear idea as to where you want to take your site in the future.

In the past, I’ve discussed a variety of tools that new businesses can use to target the best keywords. This time around, I’m going to focus on 10 free keyword research tools.

Did you see how one sentence simply connects with the other? This is something you should bring into your writings.

Catch hold of redundant sentences :

If a sentence doesn’t support your story, it is probably unnecessary. There is a difference between being redundant and repetitive. When you repeat sentences purposefully, they add to the beauty of the story and are remembered by the user.

Catch hold of redundant sentences

Replace long words with shorter alternatives :

Your content looks goods when every word you write is understood by the reader and frames a great story. Trying to express your vocab knowledge in content is not benefiting for the reader. When you have a choice, replace the longer and complicated words with a shorter alternative.

Advantageous — helpful
Ameliorate — improve
Cognizant — aware
Commence — begin, start
Commensurate — equal
Consolidate — combine
Deleterious — harmful
Disseminate — issue, send
Endeavor — try
Erroneous — wrong
Expeditious — fast
Facilitate — ease, help
Inception — start
Implement — carry out
Leverage — use
Optimize — perfect
Prescribed — required
Proficiencies — skills
Promulgate — issue or publish
Proximity — near
Regarding — about
Remuneration — reward, payment
Subsequently — after or later

The harsh reality of choosing content as a marketing tool

As easy as all the above points may sound, in reality good writeups demands practice and logics.

The world of content is big and making your mark in this pool is a huge responsibility. Be ready for criticism and be ready to improve it.

The idea of creating content should be to give your readers what they have been longing for. Also, it is not a one time thing. You need to keep creating amazing content for them that changes their lives and get them moving.