How Content Marketing is the Most Important Thing for Your Business

June 29th, 2017

How Content Marketing is the Most Important Thing for Your Business

When you make readers aware of your industry standards and how  they can overcome their business challenges using the product you have built, you are marketing the content. This knowledge builds trust that converts visitors into your product buyers.

Content Marketing is creating and sharing useful free content that generates leads and attracts potential customers to the business.

Content Marketing Strategy – Why your business needs one.

Content is the best way to promote your services. Creating content is easy and cost-effective to drive traffic to your website. It gives you an advantage to build up momentum for your sales pitch.

“Content without strategy is like wildly firing into the woods and hoping you’ll hit a deer. It’s how many marketers shoot themselves in the foot.”

Giving informative content to your customers helps them or at least makes them aware that your product is available in the market.

This article is a complete guide that’ll not only introduce you with content marketing but also help you make the best out of it.


We’ll discuss:

  1. How to add value to your content:
  2. Effective ways to benefit from content:
  3. Find Customers with Content:
  4. How Social Media has such a big role in Content Marketing:

 Before knowing more about content marketing let’s learn how content marketing is better than product marketing:

Product marketing is directly pitching the products to the customers without giving them the reason to buy. But with Content Marketing you are actively building up your relationship with your customer.

This helps in gaining their trust, followed by pitching your product. You give them facts, data, and analysis that encourage higher retention rates. The best part is – If they like your product, they’ll definitely come back to you for more.

Where paid ads disappear, content never expires.

With Content marketing, you are setting a long term goal that will benefit you in future sales.

What you need to learn : Content versus Copy-writing

There is a difference between Content and Copy-writing. However, many of us are unaware of this.


Content writing is the creation of journalistic content. This content can be written to increase the search engine ranking of a website. The main purpose of content is to educate the audience. This is done by creating blogs, white papers, and infographics.

On the other hand, Copy-writing is advertising. You create content solely for promotion of your brand or services. When you market a product and convince your audience to buy it, you are using your copy-writing skills.

Copy-writing is the development of sales pages and infomercials.

The strong bond between Content and Copy-writing

Content without Copy-writing is waste. If you are not pitching your services after letting the audience know that it is useful for their business, you are losing money on the table. Delivering great content is not enough. You will have to master your copy-writing skills.

Adding benefits to your content

Copy-writing is a technique to earn readers. And how do you do that? You show them the benefits of the product. Your content must be biased towards the product and services you are selling. You need to tell your readers how your services will help them in improving their business. This also includes a clear call to action, so that your audience know what exactly to do after they have finished reading your post.

Copy-writing without content is also good for nothing!

Yes! Copy-writing brings up the best of content. But we should remember – Content is the King. Preparing a copy that misses on facts and proofs never engages the audience. Here’s how you can get your content right :

How to add value to your content

Content marketing

Sell smart

Selling a product that can do no good to your client will kick your productivity in the gut. It will waste your client’s time and money. Make sure you ask your client about their business and pitch only when you are sure you can help.

Speak Human: Best way to differentiate your content

Speak what your readers can understand. You don’t need to share your extensive vocab while explaining your services. No matter how smart it sounds, your clients can never figure out the exact meaning. Explain them the real situation. If they ask you what they can expect out of your services, a simple step by step guide would be better than saying something very “fancy”.

Using perfect headlines

Your headlines decide whether your content will live or die on the web. There is tons of information available for every keyword. How will your content stand out?

Fortunately or unfortunately, the readers decide on a blog post by its title.

Creating an amazing headline is the only way to capture user’s attention within seconds. Only when readers are attracted by the title of your blog, they are going to spend time reading it.

By being generous:

Content needs your generosity. Your knowledge. Your everything. When you are a little uncomfortable to share your hard earned information, that kind of information as content will be worth reading. Your readers are not coming to you to read the same old information that is spread all over the Internet. When you create content that offers valuable information, your readers are bound to react. Either they leave an interesting comment or they share your post with their friends. They will come to you for your uniqueness. For your generosity to share. The bottom line – You should be a go-giver.

Effective ways to benefit from content:

The beauty of content marketing is that it is cost-effective and when done right, will step up the revenues of small businesses. However, the notion that content marketing is about having a blog that generates money is just a limited approach. It is the idea to make anything cooler! You can market products and services with it.


Here are few ideas that will help you to make your content engaging:

Create Content for your readers

Writing for search engines can help you a lot with ranking but the results are short lived. Even if your content ranks the highest on Google (with the help of keywords), ultimately Google reciprocates the reader’s actions. When readers come to your website and find irrelevant information, they bounce back. This will signal Google that your content is not worth being on the top. Soon the rankings will decrease and you won’t be found anywhere.

But if you create content that offers knowledge, add relevant keywords and click Publish, you will experience significantly long lasting results.

Offer free content

Valuable free content is always a great way to invite readers. You can create text, webinars, and podcasts to share valuable data. For example, if you are creating content that targets on latest SEO strategies, create a short webinar that explains the latest techniques in SEO. Tell your audiences how they can implement them and you are all sorted.

Offer Paid Content

After you have briefly explained the techniques, it is time to pitch for a paid webinar. Now this should be only when your audience have asked for it. Only after you see that your free version is highly appreciated, it is time to sit and create a better and detailed version to it.

Compilation of your content

This is the best technique when you have created a lot of content. You can bind this content and make a physical book. This has wonderfully worked for Seth Godin and will work for you too.

Writing white paper

You can write a white paper that addresses a critical problem that you solved with your out of the box solutions.

Forum Contribution

Give your share to Quora. Browsing Quora will make you realize that everyone is driven by content. You can take ideas, ask questions and even reply people with informative content that promotes your services.

Add fun elements in your content

Whether it is a Twitter post or an ad on Yellow Pages, use a relaxed tone with funny phrases that hooks your readers. Your post must offer valuable information and be witty yet compelling.

Be Regular

Be regular in posting content. You can’t just give up if you are not seeing any significant traffic on the website. Content takes time but the results are worth the wait.

Give away a useful tool

The idea of free content is to work hard on the free stuff. You will definitely get many downloads but how many readers you are engaging is the real deal. The only way you can pitch your product is by giving away valuable information. It makes your readers interested in your research, wanting for more. You can give away free content in exchange for their email addresses.

Send content to your subscribers

You should send regular updates of your work to your subscribers. This is when you have got their email address. It makes them come back to your website.

Build an email list sooner rather than later. Deepen your customer relationship by creating an email list. When you send out emails for your every new blog post and ask your subscribers to share their opinion on it, you are creating a trusted environment.

Let your amazing content rest in a beautiful space

When you put your best words in an ugly, amateurish, or cluttered design, you are losing the game to someone better. Your design matters to the readers. When reading enthusiasts are engaged on a particular blog, the design of the website is a huge reason for it.

Do not ignore that!

Find Customers with Content:

Producing high-quality content is important but it is not the only way to create buzz among your readers. We need to put in the time, thoughts and research to plan on how the content will reach the potential customers. For an everlasting result that brings in revenue from your website, build a strong content plan for your business that invites customers.


Here’s how you can start getting customers:

Do it reader’s way

If you want to grow your readers in indefinite numbers, reward them with a cake instead of cookie. Your content should be exciting, different and tasty.

Start with a great headline. If you can’t find one, hijack it from a popular blog!

Think of it this way:

Not only you are presenting your paper to the audience, you are creating a place that solves problems and gives an exciting new solution.

You are in the same niche as them, you know what problems one faces in that particular domain. Address those pain points and raise questions. Give them live examples on how to solve them. When you work hard to make your content better, your audience appreciates your efforts. And as we have always said – your generosity will be noticed!

When you start writing a blog, you’ve got 10 seconds of your readers time. Rather than synchronizing the top 3 lines with SEO, try synchronizing them with your reader’s mind. Build an emotional connection that glues them to your blog.

If you capture your reader’s attention in the beginning of the blog, you’ve shown them how big the cake is. If they stay, help them digest the cake. Always keep them wanting for more.

Turning reader’s to customers

Good bloggers have the ability to capture attention. Whether it is the start of the blog or at the end of it. They deliver terrific quality by using metaphors and rhythm to bound the audience. But, content marketing just starts here.

Keep delivering compelling messages to your audience but do not forget the art of persuasion. The art of pitching!

Every business needs to understand when to pitch. Not too early and not too late!

How Social Media has such a big role in Content Marketing:

Social Media is the platform where your good content gets recognition. A place where your fans and potential unite and help you in generating customers. With a strong social media engagement, content sharing feels like a piece of cake.


Create a Content Plan for promotions on social media

Being consistent on Social Media is a great way to start making your online presence. An outdated presence on a Social Media platform has a negative impact on your users.

For businesses that are starting with content marketing, must take baby steps during the initial stage.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube drive enormous traffic when served with good content.

Starting a Facebook Channel with a motive

Reaching the maximum followers on the Facebook in not a business goal and probably will not benefit you. However, creating brand awareness among the audience is a good starting plan for your business.

Paid likes will do you no good. You are never going to make customers that way. However, you have got chance with people who sincerely follow you on Facebook. You can convert them into your website viewers, event attendees, email subscribers or whatever your conversion goal is.

Using the Social Media tone

Every channel has a tone and it is important that you follow it. Your post has to be precise and catchy when you are posting on Social Media.

If you follow any of the Social Media platforms, you’ll learn that the industry trend for all the platforms is different.

For Example:


Twitter is a great platform to find customers, to connect influencers and bloggers to their customers. While posting content on Twitter, you must know what your followers are looking for. If you are connecting with Marketers, post content that would benefit them. Be regular and soon you will start receiving inquiries about your work. It helps in building relationships and increasing your customer base. Make sure to optimize your twitter strategy. For building a strong bond, you can multiply your weekly post and create content that your potential customers enjoy reading.

One thing you must keep in mind is that Twitter allows up to 140 characters per tweet. Explain your business within this limit. Make sure you make every word count.


Linkedin is the platform where discussing the industry trends are well perceived. You can create groups and post relative content. Bounce around ideas and focus on their solutions if you want to create a strong social presence on Linkedin.


Now Facebook is the platform where you’ll find the most fun people (less of customers). But that doesn’t mean you can ignore Facebook. If increasing the website visitors is your conversion goal, Facebook has a lot to offer. Post news and happening events in your niche and invite more traffic to your website.

How hosting a popular blog can be like hosting an awesome party:

Yes, it is. Why?

We are giving you a content checklist that combines all the ideas to create great content that generates leads.

  1. Book your own space.
  2. Like any book publisher, it is important that you know where your created content will be posted?
  3. How will your content reach your customers?
  4. How will they react to it?

If you do not understand how this information will benefit you, let us brief you a little about publishing content.

About 2 million blogs are posted every day but all of them do not reach their potential customers. Whereas the popular brands like Coca Cola and Ikea are setting a benchmark by increasing their customer base.

What’s the difference? – They choose the right platform.

Don’t play randomly in posting content. Book a permanent place to post your work!

Well, if you have really decided to kick-start your content marketing, this guide is just a beginning. You’ll have to put in a lot more efforts to create remarkable content that benefits your business.

While we keep stressing – content marketing is all about your dedication, if done right we guarantee you that the conversation rates for your business will be extremely large.