How to get leads with LinkedIn Ads?

January 30th, 2018

Today, Linkedin is the only professional network around the world.

Yes, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are amazing for growing a B2C business but Linkedin wins the race in being the best marketing platform for B2B businesses.

Linkedin is a great networking tool, which when used right can do wonders for your business.

It’s been years since marketers are trying to explore business with social media.

At first, many of us thought that Linkedin is just about adding colleagues and keeping up with them. We made Linkedin pages, added people from top companies with contacts and left it alone.

But, Linkedin didn’t get us business.

As a B2B company, finding leads and making sales is always our primary motive. We lookout for the best ways that can get us customers.

We got business with Linkedin Ads.

So we thought about doing a post that helps other businesses. Not only this will help you in understanding Linkedin better but you’ll also know how you can use them to benefit your business.

Let’s get started

Let’s get one thing right from the start- “Ads are expensive.”

If you don’t customize ads according to your need, you are pouring money down the drain. Also, while creating a Linkedin ad knowing your targeted audience is of utmost importance. So, you cannot start without knowing who the ad is directed to.

Spend time in thinking who your ideal customer is and when you know the answer:

Create a buyer’s persona

When you create a buyer’s persona you will cover all the necessary details including the age, demographics and the background of your targeted audience.

Ask yourself questions like:

  1. What is persona’s role?
  2. What are their education qualifications and hobbies?
  3. What is the persona’s primary goal?
  4. What is their secondary goal?
  5. What challenges will they come across in accomplishing their goals?

These are some questions you need to add in your buyer’s persona.

Want to be more specific? Here’s a template which covers all the necessary data you need to create your ad content:

There are 2 ways of creating a buyer’s persona.

1. You can either collect data of your previous customers and analyze what kind of ads they are likely to click on.

This is a good approach if you are in business for 6+ years. Hopefully, you have a client base that you can analyze to create a buyer’s persona for your company.

2. Another way to go about is to identify a trait of your audience. You can then filter out people on Linkedin with the ideal trait you are looking for in your audience.

In many B2B companies, the ideal trait of your audience is in their job functions. In such cases, know the person’s role and goals on their Linkedin profile. Identify common traits and create a buyer’s persona.

It is only after drafting all these points you’ll know what exactly your ad should say.

Download Buyer’s Persona Template

Now, let’s look into the types of LinkedIn ads that you can use to boost your business sales.

Types of Linkedin Ads:

There are 2 types of Linkedin ads- Sponsored content ads and Text ads.

Sponsored Ads

If you want to reach your audience with content, Linkedin’s sponsored ads let you share content that is visible to your targeted audience.

This is useful when content is your primary marketing plan.

These ads appear on their News Feed and your audience can read and share the content you post on Linkedin.

Hubspot, developer, and marketer of software products has increased its business by 400% by using content marketing for their business. Sponsored content works wonders for businesses as it reaches people who are willing to read your posts.

However, before you start marketing your business on Linkedin keep a goal in mind. Your goal can be anything from spreading awareness for your brand to getting leads.

As a marketer, you need to take steps in the same direction as your goal.

This is also important because not every small business has the budget to spread brand awareness. In that case, Sponsored content can turn your readers into customers and help you collect leads in no time.

Another purpose of having a conversion goal is to help you know how well your ad campaign is running. You can find out how many people are actually interested in your services? Are they considering your business? Do they like your content?

It is going to be difficult at first. People don’t buy after reading a bit of your blog. But the least they can do is sign up for your newsletter or bookmark your particular blog. You need to follow them up with emails and newsletters if you want to make a purchase. Send them engaging stuff on ado regular basis to build their trust.

This way you don’t waste money and time running unnecessary ads and hoping for customers to return. You only find people who are interested in buying.

Another area you need to focus on is- how the sponsored content will be visible to your targeted audience. The content should be appealing and should have a strong call-to-action.

Source: Neil Patel

Sponsored ads work best when your targeted audience is of readers who are willing to read blogs and posts. And if your targeted audience is not of readers, you have:

Text Ads

Another type of ads that you can use for online marketing on Linkedin are Text Ads.

These ads are visible on some web pages that people see on Linkedin. Here’s an example of a Linkedin text ad:

Here’s a closer look to the ads

A careful analysis to these text ads tells us that 2 things really matter while creating them- Images and copy.

Note: The Cost Per Click on Linkedin ads are high and this is what you can expect from social ads on Linkedin.

Here’s what we have noticed while creating successful Linkedin Ads:

1. Selecting a targeted audience reduced the number of curiosity clicks.

2. Ads with a person’s face on them performed better than ads with the company’s logo.

3. Clear and natural sentences in the copy worked best in text ads.

Just say no to unnecessary call to actions. Just keep it simple and straightforward.

Wrapping Up

Linkedin Ads have opened a flood of opportunities for many B2B businesses. And with new Premium features you can easily pick out the right audience and customize ads they will engage in.

Whether you are choosing Sponsored Ads or Text ads, you’ll surely get results if you follow the tips we shared above.

Do you have any tips to share with us? Comment below your experience while marketing on Linkedin!

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