Edtech Revolutionizing Learning: Entrepreneurs Keep An Eye

Edtech Revolutionizing Learning: Entrepreneurs Keep An Eye

Just last morning my 12-year old nephew reached out to me with his school assignments.

I was taken aback by how different and evolved learning has become, compared to how we learned things 10 years ago.

The sources of information, the overall intake of knowledge is contrasting.

It felt different.

Learning has evolved

The drastic shift from the whiteboard learning — followed by smart classes and now online classes — the pandemic has single-handedly eliminated the concept of studying and learning in physical classrooms.

No doubt coronavirus is/was the toughest problem businesses had to face, but we can’t disagree on the fact that it somehow worked as a catalyst that revolutionized a number of industries.

For leaders, innovators, and change-makers, the post-pandemic era offers valuable opportunities to lead, leaving space for tremendous growth.

This has forced us all to think, with a number of businesses falling apart, how will everything fall back into place? Is this ‘once-in-a-century pandemic’ a way to bring things together? Is this pandemic clearing ways for better opportunities?

Too many questions, right?

Understand one thing - for the ones with a defined vision, are already taking actions and preparing for the worst.

Coming back to the learning part, look at Edtechs.

Edtechs are surging

The landscape of education has always been based on a traditional model.

Online learning may seem regular now but it actually isn’t.

With the advent of technology and the need for intense learning, the growth in edtech startups have transformed the educational landscape.

Imagine the time before the lockdowns, only a few students subscribed to online learning platforms like skillshare or Udemy, and that too for things they were not taught in school or to gain extra skills, almost everything.

Edtech startups are brimming with gold

The pandemic accelerated the learning process — not just for the educators but for investors and edtech startups as well. The global investment grew by 15% in 2020, a predicted $7.8 billion.

Since the market is largely untapped, it carries a high potential to grow.

The generations that follow millennials are highly influenced by technology. They are the future and — this marketplace is what you’d want to be positioned in.

Why must you invest in Edtechs?

Since we are talking about learning - there’s always room for improvement, isn’t it?

The development in Edtech is directly proportional to the overall growth of the education sector.

Just for instance, eLearning tools. They are not just for the ones thirsty for knowledge, but also for those who want to invest in them.

We have already witnessed huge transformations in the education sector and they’ll be continuous.

Let’s talk numbers:

The U.S. education industry received funds over $2.2 billion in the venture and private equity capital, as per the EdSurge edtech funding database. That‘s a nearly 30% increase from the $1.7 billion invested in 2019.
The Indian edtech market is estimated to touch $3.5 billion by the year 2022.
Coursera and CampusLogic received funding of more than $100 million in investment.
Edtech startup Udayy got $2.5 million in seed funding led by Alpha Wave Incubation (AWI) and InfoEdge Ventures.

Unlock new opportunities

All you have to do is fill the gap with your innovative idea and dive into the market.

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The educational revolution is here.

Where are you?