Best off-page SEO Techniques

August 5th, 2016

How to do On-Page SEO

Do you want to build Online marketing campaigns which can turn your business to multi-million dollar profits?
We hear a big YES! Great.

Then we will explain how to start with Off-page SEO, and the best techniques to stand out in Online marketing.

Let’s start:

What would happen if your home is clean from inside but the front is a mess?
If you are paying all the attention to interiors, and the front is messy, there are fewer chances that anyone would want to come to your house. In the same way your potential customers will not reach you if you are dedicated to the On-Page optimisation of your website and not paying attention to the Off-Page SEO. Off-Page SEO is composed with the steps to rank it higher.

What are the steps for Off-page SEO you asked?

Off-page SEO gives back links to your website. Over 2 million blog posts are published every day, How to make your content successful by engaging your customers:
Build Links to grow your search engine traffic by 25% Link building is a very important part of Off-Page SEO. Just what creating good content does to On-Page SEO, link building has a major role in Off-Page SEO. Google recognizes your presence on the web by links.
First, what not to do in link building: Earlier, SEO teams were used to building thousands of spam links were a piece of cake. You could easily make it to the top list of Google. But those days are gone now. Spamming is a mistake. You might get instant results but they are extremely short lived. SEOs that do well require dedication, time and money towards link building campaigns.

Link building: The right way To understand Link building, first you should understand how search works: Video:   So now that you know how search works, you know:

You are not searching the web, you are doing an Google’s index of the web. They use spiders

It is almost impossible for Google to determine the value of your web pages if there are no links directed to them.

TRICK-1: Preparing your page for Link Building Usually, people skip the process of preparing the links. Tempting that it is to skip initially, this step requires the top priority.

But here’s the catch:

When some popular brands were reviewed for organic search rankings, the results were shocking!

Dr. Peter J. Meyers listed the top ten Brands That Won (and Lost) Google in 2015.


Though these are the brands that have strong domains, they have a weak foundation and have lost in organic search rankings.

Ken Lyons shared 3 ways to structure your internal pages and evenly distribute the links before you try any inbound links from external sources:

3 ways to structure your internal pages

How to get external links?

You simply don’t wait for people to link you, you ask for quality links by initiating a conversation with people who are interested in reading the type of content you are delivering. How do you find such people?

You can use these 3 tools:

  1. MOZ’s Open Site Explorer
  2. Majestic SEO
  3. Ahref’s

If you are using the Open Site Explorer: Enter the URL of your competitor’s website.

Open Site Explorer Find “Link Source” section and click on Only External.

Inbound Links
This will display the inbound links to the page.

Inbound Links - Open Site Explorer
Now you can simply send an email to the site owner if you find some useful websites.

“Link Building is like votes, the more you have the higher you rank.”

Another thing that you can do is Cross-Linking.

Cross-linking is linking the internal pages of the same website. Many site owners do not realize the importance of linking their pages internally. One of the biggest examples of successful internal linking is Wikipedia. Internal linking is one of the major factors of Google Page Rank Algorithm.

Broken Link Building

If you publish blog posts on other websites as a Guest blogger to drive traffic back to your website, you are missing out on some important strategies that can actually help you better. Guest postings are useful but the time taken in searching the right website, contacting the concerned person and then actually writing a post for them is quite long and tiring. On the other hand, broken link building is easy.

Usually, you can find tons of broken links on the most popular blogs and websites. These broken links are directed to 404 error pages.Broken Link

Did you know that 404 error Pages do not affect the rankings of any website?

According to the Official Google Webmaster Central blog, 404 Error page does not hurt the sites ranking. “404s are a perfectly normal part of the web; the Internet is always changing, new content is born, old content dies, and when it dies it (ideally) returns a 404 HTTP response code. Search engines are aware of this; we have 404 errors on our own sites, as you can see above, and we find them all over the web. In fact, we actually prefer that, when you get rid of a page on your site, you make sure that it returns a proper 404 or 410 response code (rather than a “soft 404”).”

You can make a list of all these broken links and contact the blogger. Let them know about their broken links and also give them a replacement link.

Since you are helping the site owner, they might return the favor by including a link to your website on their blog. You can refer to Neil Patel’s article How to Build 100 Quality Links Without Writing Fresh Content for more details.

Isn’t that easier than guest blogging?

Step-2: Pick the right Keyword

Your Off-Page SEO doesn’t end with linking alone.

As we have already discussed that linking is quite important to set your optimization game, keyword density is not far behind. Keywords play an important role in building your content campaign. Picking a keyword is no trick, picking the right one is.

For example, if you own a real estate website in San Francisco, keywords like Locations, House Listings in San Francisco, Homes & Real Estate and so on will be targeted.

Keyword Ideas

These keywords are known as thematic keywords ones that are related to the subject.

Using the keyword in the Meta description, title and headline will be very helpful in kicking your rankings high.

Step-3: Creating compelling Info-graphics


Infographics have been quite popular in capturing the attention of the audience and will continue to do the same in future. They are an easy and quick way to provide content to people over the Internet. Readers accumulate knowledge faster by reading through infographics.

Not everyone likes to read just text.

People are more pleased with the visual content, that includes images, videos, and gifs. Info-graphics like charts and graphs can be used for comparison purposes. Did you know? Some of the top entrepreneurs spend up to $1,000 to get a single infographic designed?Though not everyone can spend that much on a single image, ILLUMINZ gives you a better alternative. We offer you meaningful designs that will attract the right audience. Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, infographics will help you to engage the targeted audience and earn editorial links from the right sites.

This is the search demand for infographics:

search demand for infographics

In 2016, the estimated search demand for infographics got much higher. You can viral your content by using the right visual content in your blog. Apart from all these techniques, there are few other conventional tricks that have worked for many websites. Let’s have a look at them.

Article Writing and Submissions

Writing informational articles, and publishing them to article directories works really well for SEO. Articles build one-way quality links to the website, which increases traffic and rankings. You can post your content on:

Bookmarking Submission

It is the process of submitting links to various social bookmarking sites.

Bookmarking help in link building, traffic generation, and site ranking.

Post Bookmarkings on:

Press Release Distribution:

Show the world what’s happening in your business, press releases are a great way to gain exposure. You can publish latest news about your business with press release content. You can try:

Forum Posting: Forums are just like discussion sites where members discuss various topics. They also submit links of appropriate topics to get quality backlinks and traffic.

To build a better reputation for your business you can answer people’s questions on popular forums like Quora and generate traffic to your website.

Social Media Optimization You can share unique and informational content on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Blog Commenting

You can comment on various relevant blog articles and promote your own business on platforms that drives traffic to your website.

External Blog Creation & Posting

Postings blogs on websites like and really works great for off page SEO.

One of the most powerful ways to promote your business online is by creating unique and precise content and posting on blog directories. Medium is popular platforms where you can read and post content online.

Classified Ads Submission Advertise your products for free on popular platforms like Craigslist, Locanto Myspace, iMage space, and Vivastreet. Create short ads that capture the attention of your targeted audience.

Local Business Listing Let popular websites like Yellow pages, Google my business and know that you exist by posting precise business listings. This will help you attract more local customers.

Video Submission Video content is the best way to deliver a message to customers who don’t read much. Youtube and Vimeo are the best platforms that drive maximum traffics.

Many of the videos generate over 1 million views. Create videos with great content and bring good traffic to business.

PDF Submission

PDF files are easy to create and are the best way to secure your content and design. Adding watermarks, taking polls, encrypting data are some great features of PDF files.

Off-Page SEO is not about the number of posts you submit. It’s more about the quality of links you earn and the sites used to publish content.

Posting random stuff in bulk is of no benefit to you and to your audience. Make sure the off-page content you post is genuine and informative and is published on authoritative websites that help your business in long run. Submit your PDF on:

Summary: Step outside your house and make it beautiful. You should start working off page in order to increase your brand reputation and image.

Off-Page SEO demands your time and strategy.

Moreover, you must use white-hat SEO techniques to direct traffic to your website to save Google penalizing.

Start looking for your potential customers on forums like Quora. Answer their questions and direct them to your website.

Remember, Marketing is not guessing, it is like science. You need to get the concepts right and connect the dots!