Apps We Use: Team ILLUMINZ Speak

October 17th, 2017

Sanchit Thakur

Founder & Director

Sanchit is the driving force of ILLUMINZ. He started ILLUMINZ when he was 24 and knows every trick in the book to make things work. He tests and ensures that every developed product is perfect in every aspect.

Apps he uses the most:

Invision app

I review designs daily.With Invision I share designs and discuss on strategies with my team and clients. It is highly essential for brainstorming and putting best solutions in prototypes.


I use reminders on iPhone. I have lots of tasks to do in a day or week, and creating reminders help me if I forget some small chores.


A major part of my job is to find inspirations.  I get a lot of them from Pinterest and I pin them for use.


IFTTT is an amazing app for productivity. It allows me to create conditions which can be used for various purposes. I can also add hundreds of great recipes and make our lives easier and smarter using IFTTT.

Google analytics

To measure traffic and conversions of many of our clients sites we need to keep Google Analytics. Google Analytics gives me the power to see how users are behaving on the sites and apps, and it helps to enhance their experiences and grow their businesses.

Neeraj Thakur

Development Lead at ILLUMINZ

Neeraj works on our back-end and core technologies. He guides developers with complex projects and is excellent in crisis management. He is always updated with what’s latest in the industry and is good at discussions about implementations.

Apps he uses the most:

Google Maps

This is one application which I use the most and is a life saver. As I’m not very good at remembering routes, I mostly use this app for navigation. It also has an offline feature.This feature helps in navigation when you don’t have internet/network. You can also share your location with anyone using this app. One more cool feature is realtime location sharing. You can track others in real time using this feature (of course if the other person has agreed for location sharing).

Google Photos

This is another very good app from Google. With this app you don’t have to be concerned about the storage on your phone. Just click images, shoot videos and google will take care of storage as it provides unlimited storage to backup all your media. It also provides feature like Visual Search, Advanced Editing, Smart Automatic Albums, Send Photos in Seconds. You can also cast your photos and videos on your tv with Chromecast support.


It’s a great learning app. There are thousands of instructors giving video lectures to over a million registered students on udemy. It has courses for almost everything, be it computer programming, marketing, design, languages or whatever you can think of you will find everything here. Courses can be downloaded to learn offline or can be cast to your tv. It also has audio only mode when you are on the go. Udemy is really helpful specially in my field (IT) as technologies keep on changing rapidly and you need to be right up there with others.


This is one of the best software to capture screenshots and videos. You can grab the screenshots put your comments on the screenshot using a very interactive and user friendly UI and can send to anyone. You can also upload captured screenshots and recorded videos to screencast website and can share the urls with anyone so that you don’t have to send those captured files as email attachments to your clients.


Engineer in Mobile- iOS at ILLUMINZ

Rohit develops the apps for iOS. He is a man of principles who follows his heart and never backs down when facing a challenge. He is highly disciplined and dedicated to his tasks.

Apps he uses the most:


Trello keeps track of everything like what tasks do we need to achieve by today or whatever our deadline is. Everything is on the board.We can even share the screenshots or videos with the client and client is always in touch since it has both android and IOS app as well.

Code Academy

This app helps you learn different technologies like Angular, ReactX, JQuery, Java and many more. Really a good platform to learn different technologies.


Learning IOS as well as datastructure and algorithms to make code more efficient and flexible. Provides great tutorials for the beginners as well as the experienced.

Apple Developer Site

Helps to keep yourself updated with advancements made by Apple and Google as well. Also if need to study about Classes and libraries as well as code standard to be followed to build up a better project , these two websites are always great to be referred.


Content Developer at ILLUMINZ

Eshita closely works with the client to create content that is on-brand and aligned with business goals. She makes sure that every word is compelling enough to inspire actions.

Apps she uses the most:

Primer By Google

Primer is a fast, easy way to learn new business and digital marketing skills. Being all into content marketing, I find Primer as the best learning app.Primer offers bite-sized lessons that are quick to learn and easy to implement. The best part is you just need 5 minutes free to take a lesson. Also, the interactive activities will help you learn concepts quickly. I have used those techniques and helped many businesses with content marketing.


Flipboard is an excellent way to know the world stories. One can get the best news for all your passions in one place. I mostly read world affairs and news on this app.


I love writing on Quora. Since I am quite active on this platform, I get many answer request in a day, so I need this app on my phone to answer questions.


Engineer in Web at ILLUMINZ

Ritika is our web developer focused specifically on the web products and websites at ILLUMINZ. When not writing code, you would find her embracing her love for travel and photography.

Apps she uses the most:

FTPManager for iPhone

I cannot carry my laptop everywhere I go, so I have the FTP Manager on my phone. This way the code is always handy and I can make changes on the go.


I love reading on Quora. I follow development related topics and it is interesting to know what developers around the world are up to. Also, getting answers from real developers is an excellent way to get solutions.

My Fitness Pal

I think one can only work well when they feel fit. To maintain my health and keep a count on calories, I use Myfitnesspal. Ever since I have started using this app, I find myself more active every morning I come to work.

Vaneet Thakur

Front End Developer at ILLUMINZ

Vaneet started his career with ILLUMINZ. Today, he passionately works to improve the usability of every web page. He works towards creating interactive front-ends to make experiences better on the web.

Apps he uses the most:


Sketch app makes it easy to create beautiful, high-quality artwork from start to finish. This is fully vector based workflow that helps me learn design better.


Dribbble is where I find all my inspiration. It is only after I view different designs, I start my day. Dribbble inspires me to do something unique and of my own.


Notes are great when I want to capture a quick thought or save something important or interesting for later. It’s quick and easy to create a new note in the Notes app.

Nishant Sharma

Creative Head at ILLUMINZ

Nishant discovered his love for design at ILLUMINZ. It was here that he found that design came naturally to him. With more than 6 years of association, he has done a phenomenal job in creating mind blowing User Experiences.

Apps he uses the most:

Sketch Desktop and Mobile

As the Creative Head of the company, Sketch is something I need to design graphics. In addition to it, the Sketch Mirror has made it possible for me to view design changes by connecting my mac and iPhone together.

INBOX Mobile App

Your email inbox should help you live and work better, but instead it often buries my important stuff and creates more stress than it relief. I get tons of emails in a day and I use this Gmail build INBOX app as it keeps things organized and helps me get back to what matters.

Photoshop Desktop

I started my career with Photoshop Desktop app. I closely work with the marketing team I need the Photoshop Desktop app as an editing software to design illustrations and prints.If you need image editing, including typography, 3D modeling, and drawing, you need Photoshop.

Deezer Music App

Music is the best way to increase your productivity. It’s human nature to get distracted by little things around us. Music is becoming an important part of the modern place workplace and the workers are also able to work more calmly, at times more energetically (depending on the type of music) and more attentive. Deezer is perfect way to concentrate when on work.


Senior Digital Marketer at ILLUMINZ

Sheenam is our senior marketing professional and is always busy spreading the word for ILLUMINZ. She is very excited for new challenges and loves to take awesome products to every internet user in every corner of the world!

Apps she uses the most:

Vivavideo- Video creator and editor

This app helps me do instant edits for videos to be posted on social media. With such an app handy I am always ready to capture that world needs to see.


To create posts for social media (various fonts, backgrounds, formats and styles) I use both these apps. They help me create superb eye catchy designs that saves my time without depending on a designer.

Google Trends

I like visiting Google Trends regularly to know the latest updates in my niche. Here I can find popular searches, trending keywords and know what my potential audience is searching the most.

Vaneet Kaushal

Senior solution specialist at ILLUMINZ

Vaneet is our business analyst and has a great contact base (both local and international). Always willing to help, he is the one to call when you are in trouble or if you want to be taught how to play Games on Xbox.

Apps he uses the most:


It is a wonderful app for note taking, creating to do list, organising records and sharing them with others. Notes can be created in simple plain text using editor and in tabular form, audio, video format and set reminders.It is the most simplest app I have used.

Awesome screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is available for both desktop and mobile. It makes taking screenshot of entire or selected part of the web page very easy. It also gives an option to edit the screenshot like write text, mark circles etc with save on desktop option.Since I need to communicate with clients regularly, it helps me take screenshot of their web page (in case there needs to be changes) in just seconds and share it with my clients and colleagues.


It a great app to write articles, experience stories and share with others. I have found very helpful articles and read about people experiences which helped me a lot in improving my work and life. If I like something which is helpful to me and for others, I share it with others too.



Sachin handles everything at ILLUMINZ with an infectious enthusiasm for technology. He is a resourceful and detail-oriented professional with terrific multitasking skills. He is always focused on creating growth opportunities for ILLUMINZ in all the areas.

Apps he uses the most:


Trello is an online service that helps me organize/Manage projects and others things. It allows me to create tasks and assign it to my team. You can collaborate with other users with Trello.


I need the Invisionapp to review my team’s performance. Invision allows me to present design projects to clients and let them see the concepts and check how the users of their websites or mobile applications will browse through the platforms in real time. Invision makes it easy to put a discussion point right on the design and client can easily notice areas which require that they provide feedback.


Data Planner at ILLUMINZ

Shilpa works as a Data Planner at ILLUMINZ. She works with the marketing team and helps client’s understand products with user-driven content on websites. Currently she is working on a huge in-house project for ILLUMINZ.

Apps she uses the most:


Pinterest is best way to get ideas about everything. Either it is about improving my writing skills, home decor, education or anything. It makes my life easier because I get everything on pinterest.

Google map

It is a very useful app. Through this app life becomes easier and we are not dependent on anyone.


Sometimes I use quora just to see questions and answers of people. We get knowledge about various things through this app.


Data Planner at ILLUMINZ

Minakshi is our Data Planner and is associated with our organization for more than an year now. She plans data with her accurate managing skills. When not working, she likes to indulge in experimental cooking for her family.

Apps she uses the most:


The Kindle app puts millions of books at my fingertips. It’s the app for every reader, whether you’re a book reader, magazine reader, or newspaper reader. I am all!


I like to be updated with latest news about the market and Economic Times helps stay updated.

Puneet Thakur

Senior Developer at ILLUMINZ

Puneet is an excellent web developer and has been associated very closely with ILLUMINZ. Recently, he started dabbling into learning new programming languages that would increase his knowledge base.

Apps he uses the most:


Laracast is same as StackOverflow. People discuss their problems here and get a solution. I feel this site as the fastest solution to laravel problems. The site has best laravel developers as users. I have opted for their paid service with featured questions.


Laravel news helps me to be up to date about what is happening in the laravel world. People around the world come here and share what new they have achieved in laravel.

Apple Health

iOS application in my iPhone records my daily activity. The application has great content related to health and fitness.


I am totally fascinated by the idea of this application. People learn technologies here for free. I am a self taught developer, thanks to this application.


Engineer in Web at ILLUMINZ

Rajesh is a tech junkie. He is equipped with the best gadgets and is always ready to help. This is why he is also our go-to guy for IT support.

Apps he uses the most:


This app is a file transfer/manager which makes files access possible on servers. Sometimes there are minor changes those had to be done on server, for which you should have access to a computer. But with recent technological changes and fast internet access, these changes can be done via FTP on mobiles.You can send files from server to your device, edit them according to the need and push them back on server. This app is a boon to developers when the need arises in awkward situations.

ES File Explorer

I normally keep my mobile loaded with stuff which I rarely use but still don’t want to delete it. This app is a “Root” explorer which gives you very raw control over your phone storage. Plus it has loads of other useful features like Apps management and backups, Audio Video Image Viewers, Root Access, System tools like SD card Analyst, System Manager, Download Manager, Recycle Bin , Network/LAN transfer, FTP, Android TV support….. Basically the list is endless. This app keeps my phone running smooth ever with low disk space.


Lastly, you’ll find Snapseed on Rajesh’s phone. When not developing amazing software, he loves to capture moments on his mobile.Snapped helps him edit/tone pictures by Google. It also have pre installed filters and presets which I can use if in a hurry.


Senior solution specialist at ILLUMINZ

Vimal is our business development and sales professional with a diverse background rooted in commerce and technology. He makes sure that each client’s problem is addressed and teams never fall short in meeting deadlines.

Apps he uses the most:

Sprout Social

What good is your business without a solid social media strategy? With Sprout Social one can access the best social media management & analytics tools from your mobile device without sacrificing any functionality.I like to analyze a business before I pitch in my services.Sprout social helps me and my team to find influencers, ideal moments for customer engagement, and the data that proves it all true.


Whenever I fill up my pockets with business cards from a conference or networking event, the first thing I do when I get home is take pictures of them with CardMunch. This free app, owned by LinkedIn, turns your business cards into LinkedIn Connections simply by taking a photo. CardMunch has seen well over 1.8 million business cards scanned so far.


Our favorite overall calendar app for business users on the Android platform is the innocuously named aCalendar. Simply put, the app strikes the best balance between ease of use and powerful features. It hits all the basics, making it easy to toggle between day, week, month and year views. Plus, setting reminders for important engagements is a snap. On top of that, aCalendar has a bunch of business-specific features, like the option to schedule a meeting and invite attendees without leaving the app

Amazon Kindle

I like reading and it keeps me happy. So Kindle is a great way to keep your knowledge at the edge.


It allows me to download YouTube video’s. As YouTube is a great platform to learn new technology and visual effect through videos is always an easy way to remember.


Front End Developer at ILLUMINZ

Kapil joined ILLUMINZ to make the web beautiful and usable. He creates interactions and user-experiences that bring site’s design to life.

Apps he uses the most:


It is a chrome browser plugin which shows on browser welcome screen. It’s the best plugin if you want to be updated with latest tech and design news. You can see tech news and trending design on welcome screen. One can also add or remove topics according to our interest.

Google Calendar

With google calendar app I can add any events like meetings, tasks or reminder on any date, day and time. I usually plan my week and set the calendar accordingly . It’s best app as reminder app for birthdays and tasks.


Lead Engineer at ILLUMINZ

Affectionately named “Devi”, Devinder is one of the brightest minds at ILLUMINZ. From managing teams to taking care of the work culture, he is always ready to devote his time to ILLUMINZ.

Apps he uses the most:


It is the most popular website for any php developer. Whenever there is any new update in php, one can check here as this app is updated and precise.

Neil Patel blogs

I find it most useful for website developer. It has blogs for every stage of website development, I mean how the website design will look like based on some particular scope. Steps one should follow during development, page speed, seo, marketing, how to increase sale. It cover almost everything.


Being a web developer myself, I know that the most important thing for a website is its speed on mobile as well as desktop. This website provide all methods of how to enhance speed, security for pages.


Team Lead- Development at ILLUMINZ

Manoj closely works with his team to get great results for our clients. Since he is our senior web developer, he manages his team and brings in the best in people.

Apps he uses the most:


I use Edit++ as the windows editor on my laptop. EditPlus is a Windows text editor with built-in FTP (also FTPS) and sftp capabilities. This is the software I go for whenever I start to make a website.

Quirk Tools – Screenfly

This is the perfect application to test your website on any screen size including desktops, tablets, televisions, and mobile phones.

Diff Now

I have used mostly this tool for matching two files code. This is very useful for us to merge two files. It allows me to compare 2 different text files, documents, binary files, and archives up to 2048 KB in size.


Engineer in Web at ILLUMINZ

Shobhit loves to code. He is data driven and automation oriented guy with excellent analytical skills that never fail. When not coding, you will find him at the gym or at the Subway nearby.

Apps he uses the most:


Fiddler is an amazing web debugging proxy that logs the HTTP(s) traffic between your computer and the Internet. I use this application virtually to debug proxy for any browser, system or platform. It also helps me in debugging server files on machine by listing all resources on web page, like images, js, css, mp3, video’s etc.


Firebug is one of the most popular tools used by web developers. This tool provide many features to debug web page and provide very easy environment/tools for development.


Digital Marketing Executive at ILLUMINZ

Raman is our marketing executive and has hands-down expertise in ranking stuff on Google and Bing. She has recently joined our team and is becoming an integral part of our organization.

Apps she uses the most:


As a digital marketer my work involves creating infographics regularly to increase search engine rankings. Piktochart helps me creating quick infographics which cuts down the job of a graphic designer. It is a simple web application to create basic infographics.

SEO Profiler

To keep a check on search engine rankings and analytics, I prefer SEO Profiler tool. It also Helps me present my work in a beautiful way to my seniors. This helps me save my time and manage my work efficiently.


Engineer in Web at ILLUMINZ

Passionate about computers since he was a kid, Aman obviously spends a lot of his time coding or playing video games. When he’s not at the keyboard, he loves spending time with his family.

Apps he uses the most:


It helps me in creating a JavaScript or CSS file to be used in a web application . In these files use of whitespace, comments, long variable names, and other practices for readability increase the file size. Using this tool we can compress code and our js or css file size reduce. Compress file size effect the site speed as well.

Website Planet   

It could be helpful to reduce the weight of images in order to use it on a website. The web page will load faster and it saves bandwidth. We can compress mb’s of image in kb’s.

JS Beautifier

One can enter here messed & minified CSS or JS and make it more readable. This tool is also helpful to show line numbers and syntax highlighting. Often when we wriite CSS & JS, formatting can become a bit disorganized. It is also a great tool as it allows multiple developers to work on a single project who have different formatting techniques. This application helps you beautify the code.


Engineer in Web at ILLUMINZ

Priya is a passionate web developer. She loves putting her skills to develop products that reaches millions of users. Currently she is enjoying her life and working on some big in-house projects.

Apps she uses the most:

Sublime Text

It has some neat features like multi cursor input, multiple selections etc , this is great for making multiple edits or inserts in your code at the same time. It has huge and active plugin community and with thousands of plugins available, any features you may miss from other text editors are likely to exist in the Sublime plugin repository. One Sublime feature that can be pretty useful is the condensed preview of your code layout, especially for large pages. This allows you to quickly view and select areas of your code based on its overall shape and structure.


This tool useful when someone merges two files into one, to compare two word document file or hundreds of lines of code, to find differences between this file. This tool saves a lot of time, when we are trying to solve differences of text issues.


Grunt is a JavaScript task runner, a tool used to automatically perform frequently used tasks such as minification, compilation, unit testing, linting, etc. It uses a command-line interface to run custom tasks defined in a file (known as a Gruntfile).Presently, there are more than five thousand plugins available in the Grunt ecosystem.


GitHub is a web-based Git or version control repository and Internet hosting service. It is mostly used for code. It offers all of the distributed version control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git as well as adding its own features. It provides access control and several collaboration features such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management, and wikis for every project.


Engineer in Mobile- Android at ILLUMINZ

Sakshi is our Android Ninja and her love for technology brought her to ILLUMINZ. And when it comes to developing user-friendly Android applications, she gets her hawk eyes on the spot.

Apps she uses the most:

Android Studio

Android Studio uses the quick growing Gradle build system that is so integrated, and Gradle is really a great tool. Both Android Studio and Eclipse feature the typical Java code auto completion. But, we usually found that the code completion is really better on AS compare to Eclipse which looks to get a bit perplexed at times and doesn’t provide precise results most of the time.


GitHub is an online tool that you can use in order to share projects and also keep track of multiple versions and ‘forks’ of those projects when you’re working in a team. It’s handy for backing up your work, for collaboration and for finding code samples and tutorials you can work through. For beginners, your exposure to GitHub will likely be limited to downloading sample projects that you can reverse engineer. If you ever work on a large app as a team though, this is a developer tool that you’ll need to become very familiar with.


The complete meetings solution with all the free features plus: Office apps – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and schedule meetings with Outlook. Instant message anytime. Meeting recording. Meetings with up to 250 people.


Postman allows you create collections of integration tests to ensure your API is working as expected. Tests are run in a specific order with each test being executed after the last is finished. For each test, an HTTP request is made and assertions written in javascript are then used to verify the integrity of your code. Since the tests and test assertions are written in JavaScript, we have freedom to manipulate the received data in different ways, such as creating local variables or even creating loops to repeatedly run a test.


To start an Android Emulator for testing is extremely slow and tedious process.Genymotion solves this problem by providing a free (for personal uses) hardware accelerated Android emulator which is screaming fast. Genymotion is compatible with Android SDK tools, Eclipse and Android Studio.

Neeraj Joshi

Team Lead-Development at ILLUMINZ

A bit shy by nature, Neeraj believes in making both clients and teams happy with good work. He is an excellent team lead with great analytical and problem-solving skills.

Apps he uses the most:

This is a web application and I think this is only an app that provides you almost all the platforms for the cross-browser as well as cross-device testing of web application on a real device from desktop to mobile.


This is where I learn new things about the tech world. The 9 Lesson website is a perfect if you are looking for easy tutorials on technology.

Stack Overflow

One would hardly find a developer who isn’t using stack overflow. It is a wonderful resource to get the answers of most the programming problems with lots of examples and feedbacks. Also, it is easy to share problems and get answers with Stack Overflow.



Vikas manages the production team, leads the technical roadmap, and develops the ILLUMINZ engine. He is completely in love with his work and is a mentor to many developers at ILLUMINZ.

Apps he uses the most:


I always use the Pocket application app to bookmark, recommend and explore my favorite websites or the ones I use on a regular basis. With this app, you can have everything you like on the web in your pocket, wherever you are.

Sublime Text

This is a code editor which is smart enough or I must say the smartest to enhance your coding productivity. It has a number of free plugins which make a coder’s life easy.

GoToMeeting Pro Screen sharing

Our team sometimes work remotely and we need apps like GoToMeeting Pro Screen sharing to make sure that me and my tea are literally on the same page. This is a browser add-on (I use it on Chrome) to remotely share and control a screen. When I used this addon it was just fantastic because it took a few seconds to install and screen sharing and control was flawless.


Tr. web developer at ILLUMINZ

As a tech enthusiast, Rajat has always wanted to join an innovative and dynamic team like ILLUMINZ. In his free time he loves to travel and get inspiration for his work.

Apps he uses the most:


Atom is a text editor that’s modern, approachable, yet hackable to the core—a tool we can customize to do anything but also use productively without ever touching a config file.


The great thing about the Box is that it’s cloud-based, so you can work on documents and files from any device – be it a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Everything is saved as you left it, and you have the option to view revisions.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader (Android, iOS) is a highly functional annotation app, which users rely on to view and sign their PDFs. Open PDF files from email, the web, or any app that supports sharing as you search, scroll, and zoom in and out. You can comment on PDFs using sticky notes and drawing tools or highlight and markup text with annotation tools. Fill out PDF forms by typing text into fields and use your finger to e-sign any document.