A Beginner’s Guide To Email Marketing

July 10th, 2017

Emails have always been a popular form of communication. They still are!

Who would have thought that emails will result in massive sale of products and will be considered as the most effective way to generate leads?

As soon as marketers realized the true power of emails, they made it a point to target customers directly through emails. There’s no way something can replace them in the near future.

Businesses consider email marketing to be a peculiar form of sales, however it is one of the easiest ways to introduce your product. It is a cutting edge technique that generate leads by a single click.

The results of email marketing have proven to be 18% more effective than social media. Obviously, the world isn’t talking about it and so, this is the perfect time to hit the nail hard.

Let’s know how:

How difficult is it to create an email? Not that tedious! But, the need of your business is to create an email that sells your product.

Rather than thinking about it in the technical terms, email marketing commands you to use basic psychological skills. Psychological skills to understand your users, their actions and reactions.

As soon as you click Send, a list of people will receive the notification. This is where your email needs to stand out.

1. Getting Emails Opened


If your email gets opened, you have reached halfway of pitching your product. While many marketers suggest you to send emails with a name, they are not welcomed as they invite a lot of spamming. People tend to filter out emails that come from a questionable source.

Mails with company’s authentic account work better as brand communication gains more credibility when compared to a random name.

Subject Line:

The second most important section in emails include choosing the right subject line. Subject Line is sure thing to be noticed by your potential customer in your mail. Make sure your subject line is interesting, inspiring and gives away clear detail of your purpose. Subject line must capture attention and convey a short summary of your concern.

Email marketing


Capturing audience attention is no rocket science. To make your task easy, buzzwords help you in engaging your audience.

One can use words like- Amazing, Delight, Mind Blowing and so on to make an appeal in the subject line. You can also follow the 317 power words list as introduced by Smart Blogger.

To make sure your email open rate goes high, the first few characters of the subject line should be clear and magnetic. The reader should see the clear benefit of opening the email.

Target their curiosity

Curiosity is the one factor that can work wonders for your email marketing campaign. If you have piqued your reader’s curiosity with a bang on the perfect subject, it is time to look at the first line of your email.

Pay attention to the first line of the email

The opening line of your email is equally important as it has 3 times more visibility than the subject line. Since this portion of the body is displayed with the subject line, it plays a crucial deciding factor of whether or not your email is opened. Always target curiosity in the subject line and continue with it in your topic without falling off guard.

Email marketing

2. Including Informational Data in the Body

Since you have made every possible effort to get your email opened, now it is time to pitch your product/service. Here’s how you can do it:

Keeping it short and simple

Every Inbox is flooded with emails and an average email gets about 10 seconds to be differentiated from the unsolicited email. If your user has now opened the email, use a short and sweet message to convey your concern.

Start by building a rapport

It is important to build a rapport initially as your reader needs to know who you are. Start by giving a brief intro of your brand and submissively merge it down to any personal experience. You can start with” I notice that you have…” in the opening line to let your potential customer know that you are observant and have noticed something worth talking on their website.

Using ‘You’ to address readers

It is highly effective to talk as a second person in the conversation. It is like having a one on one conversation with your readers. Address them with ‘you’ to engage your readers. The term you activates human senses and gives them the feeling as someone is talking face to face.

Use our content tips to truly impress your readers: How to Create Content Your Audience Really Cares About

3. An Impactful Closing

Your concluding line is just as important as your opening line. Remember, you want your readers to make smart decision by inclining towards your product, so say something smart. Here’s how you can sound smart by keeping it simple:

A crystal clear call to action

Your ending should be a straight and simple call to action. Email receipts should clearly know what to do after reading your email. The call to action should be clear and there shouldn’t be any scope of guessing.

Create Urgency

You need to tell your readers to act fast on the call. Don’t give them the leverage and time to make a move as they’ll probably forget as soon as they are done reading the email. Creating urgency by saying “only 10 seats left” or “offer expires tomorrow” at the closing will work wonders for your marketing campaign.

An Option To Opt Out

You must use an “Unsubscribe” link at the closing of your email and give an option for the user to opt out. There’s no point in sending irrelevant emails to people who don’t care. This will help you to filter your subscriber list.

Email marketing


Your emails have the power to win your audience’s attention and drive business growth. You just need to understand the basics of email advertising and work towards the right direction. Rather than shooting bulk emails, filter your list with potential customers to upsurge your e marketing campaign.

At ILLUMINZ, we understand the mindset of your potential customers and create emails that bring good business. Get in touch with us to make the most of email marketing.