8 Signs it’s Time to Redesign your Website

February 9th, 2018

Like everything, Designs have expiry date too. What worked for you in 2011 won’t necessarily work for you in 2018. It is important your website design should be updated with new and enticing elements that work in favor of your online services.

So how exactly do you know that it’s time to redesign your website? Here are 9 signs that’ll help you recognize the pain-points of your website:

1. Your website lacks user interactions

Users love websites that interact with them. Google’s material design brought new theories for designers that introduced effortless transitions, quick staggering, choreographed moments. These are some of the important elements you should deploy on your website. Not only this modern web design helps your customers understand your business closely, they have a great time scrolling and interacting.

You can read more about user interactions on our blog- What is Google’s Material Design: Expanded Motion Guidelines

If your website is not influenced by this modern design standards, it is time to redesign.

2. Your website is not responsive

The number of internet users on mobile and desktop are almost equal. This makes website responsiveness a necessity for every device. Your website should adjust itself according to any screen-size.

An independent survey proved that 30 percent of a website visits are coming from mobile users. So, it is important for every business to cater to the needs of mobile users or lose out on business.

Here’s how you can make sure of the responsiveness of your website:

Using Fluid Website Layout:

Yes, fixed website layout was hugely popular in the past decade, but the idea is slowly phasing out. Simply because people now use mobile phones than laptops. And no matter what screen resolution you have, a fixed width design doesn’t change width. The container element isn’t set to move, which disrupts the user experience of the website.

Here’s an example of a fixed-website layout.

Website Redesign

The above image shows fixed-width website layout in general. The container has fixed components of 520, 200 and 200 pixels. Since most website users browse in 1024×768 resolution, a 960-pixel width is assumed to the standard in web design.

A refreshed idea to Fixed Website Layout is Fluid Website Layout where the width is viewed in percentage and is adjusted for every user.

3. Website takes more than 3 seconds to load

Online users are impatient and testing their patience level through your website isn’t a smart move. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you are definitely losing some potential customers.

4. Your website doesn’t feel trustworthy

It is very important for your B2C website to look and feel trustworthy. If your customer doesn’t feel safe buying on your website, you are definitely losing out on business. This also holds true if your website is complicated and difficult to navigate. A non trustworthy website won’t make good sales and redesigning it is the ultimate solution.

5. Your content is outdated

Since your website design revolves around the message you want to convey, content and visuals play an important role in customer conversions. According to our sales funnel on a food delivery app, 30% visitors are influenced by the content and visuals on the website and are more likely to buy from your business.

Moreover, 15% of these visitors convert into regular customers and always come back looking for more.

It’s simple- content that strikes right into the customer’s mind bring in more sales for the business.

If you still use the old, repeated and overrated terms and visuals to illustrate your services on your homepage, it is time to redesign your website with some interesting and engaging content.

6. There are no call to action buttons

What’s the point of having a website if there isn’t a call to action button?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and analyze what really they want to be displayed on the website. What if they really like you but didn’t find an easy way to connect?

Your call to action button should be placed where the customer can easily find it.

If by any chance you feel like your customer will have to fetch the button, you need to redesign for sure.

7. There’s no blog on the site

Users like to gather information before investing in product. What better way to give them information as the blog.

A blog section can be the space where you strategically maintain and publish regular posts. Content marketing is getting hugely popular and good content can make your sales shoot up within a short time span.

8. Your site has mostly images

It’s good to have images that draw user’s attention but having too many on a website is bad for SEO as search engines are unable to locate the text with an unoptimized image. Moreover, at a time when user interactions are so in trend using compressed images cuts the experience for the user and makes the website look dull and conventional. In short, it doesn’t make your website stand out from your competitors.

So do you think it is time to redesign? Let us know about what other sign makes you think about redesigning your website.