Web Development Trends That You Must Master This Year

May 10th, 2018

One of the things about web development is that everything tends to change fast. What worked for you in 2017, might not be the first things to start out in 2018.

Since web development is evolving, here are the top 5 trends that will be soon listed as the global trends on the horizon.

1. Motion UI

Every designer aspires to create designs that are beautiful yet useful. Motion UI is the ultimate way to reach this benchmark. By adding motion UI to the designs you can keep the design simple without making them feel lost in the negative space. It’s fast, intuitive and cuts the clutter for better.


Source: Dribbble-Sergey Valiukh 

Once you have analyzed your website and worked on the basic UI/UX features, incorporating motion UI will directly impact the usability and conversion rate.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

The idea of smart homes, smart cameras, and ultimately smart city is making rounds tempting developers to work on a technology that claims to be a weapon for the future that is collectively called IoT (Internet of Things).

Alot is being said about this physical network of devices where objects will interact with other objects in the surroundings. However, we are still to discuss the scope of IoT in web development. Though the whole idea is to make life simpler, things will take an edge for web developers as development will get a bit more complex.

Internet of things

With a deeper involvement of IoT in our lives, developers have to prepare themselves for the increased complexities with sharper logics.

3. Importance of Push Notifications

Push notification are becoming prominently important in 2018. With so many businesses online now, many websites and app are now incorporating them into their designs.

Push notifications are of great use when the customers are notified about new content without checking their emails. These notifications act as a passive engagement tool that not only drives instant traffic but also offers great information to the user.

Importance of Push Notifications

Importance of Push Notifications

4. RAIL: User-Centric Performance

Though RAIL was introduced in 2015, it is still a new concept for many developers and is expected to gain popularity in this year in 2018. The acronym stands for:  

Response: how quick is the response after any input.

Animation: This focuses on the animations used on the web. The ideal rate of animation like scrolling, dragging etc is 60 frames/second.

Idle: Focuses on the the important background work.

Load: Load, which needs to take place under 1 second.

RAIL: User-Centric Performance

For a future built on great user-experience, it is important to incorporate RAIL in web development.

5. The popularity of Vue JS

Vue is an open source framework and was introduced in 2014. It is best known for its lightweight and robust capabilities, yet till date not many developers use it. Though the time taken for this framework to get noticed by a vast array of developers is too long, the simple reason why Vue did not gain immense popularity was because it wasn’t backed by a major company.

The popularity of Vue JS

However the features cannot be hidden for long. With the introduction to Vue 2, developers are getting more comfortable even after coming from a different environment.

If compared to the latest frameworks, Vue is more like Angular 1, without dependency injection and is faster than React, making it one of the fastest existing frameworks.

Comparing all the features it won’t be wrong when we say that Vue combines the best of Angular and React. Also, where Angular 1 and React might take months to master, Vue 2 would just take a week.


These are just some major web development advancements have a definite potential to shine in this year.

With so many trends growing popular, it is time to make the most of frameworks and coding languages that can be a great advantage for the web. If you are involved in the development of new and exciting elements for the web, it is time for you to choose what’s best for your business. Afterall, understanding what’s new and influential can help you better address your clients’ needs.