5 Ways to Build High-Quality Backlinks when Nobody Knows Your Name

February 5th, 2018

Backlinks are the backbone of Search Engine Optimization.

They are very important simply because high-quality backlinks make you appear on Google. More backlinks you have better is your ranking on search engines.

You may have heard about backlinks from SEO experts, but the question is- how will you get multiple links to your website when nobody knows about your business?

We are sharing some of the best tactics to get high-quality backlinks for your website.

Before we start, let us brief you how many backlinks you want to get to be listed on the first page of Google:

A study by Ahref tells us that the highest ranking page on Google has more than 100 thousand backlinks. Nonetheless, even the pages ranking at 9 and 10 have over 30 thousand backlinks.

Another disheartening story is the relationship between- linking domains and rankings.

The highest ranking website has over 900 linking domains.

That’s huge!

So, won’t it take years for your business to rank?

Not necessarily!

Even if nobody knows about your business, there are ways in which you can build more backlinks in a short time.

Here’s how:

1. Build Public Relations

To build high authority backlinks, it is important to build public relations with people around you.

Though leveraging your public relationships won’t get you backlinks right away, they are crucial for your future success.

It’s like preparing the ground before the match. You can’t start the match before

the ground is ready.

A great start would be to let your Linkedin contacts know your personal insights. Share your views.

We recently did a post on Linkedin that breaks down our hiring process to all the aspiring jobseekers.

We kept our personality intact and let people explore our company’s side. The blog got a nice response and other than some good candidates resumes, we also received inquiries from potential clients.

That’s why building public relations is probably one of the most important step for backlinking.

Find and connect with people who will link back to your website. Simple as that.

2. Writing competitive content

Good content is the heart of backlinking. You cannot get readers if the content doesn’t cater to your targeted audience.

We receive daily mails of aspiring content marketers with the request to guest post on our website.

But, we aren’t ready to put any content up on our blog. The content is only posted if we find it helpful for our audience. It has to solve a purpose and make a difference in someone’s work.

One method of creating amazing content has to be- analyzing your competitor’s content.

Here’s how to do it:

Enter your keywords of your blog in Google.

Ignore the ads and paid content that appears on the list and open the top organic search result.

Here’s a post we found by Moz

Browse through the article and look at these factors:

1. How many images does the article have?

2. How long is the post?

3. What is the title?

4. What is the title tag and meta description?

Collect all the data and create a content strategy for your post. You content strategy should list certain pointers like:

1. Use more images than your competition as images help SEO.

2. Create a detailed post with a higher word count as your competitor.

3. Use a specific and quantifiable blog title.

4. Optimize the title and meta tag and keep it more focused.

Once you are all ready with an amazing content piece, pay special attention to where you are posting.

Other than your website, also post your content on platforms like:

1. Medium

2. Quora

3. Linkedin

Sharing your content on Medium, Quora and Linkedin will give your content more reach, increasing its backlinking potential.

3. Do Original Study

Internet is full of information, that too repeated. In this scenario, your original study is like a treasure of information that only you have access to.

Whenever, your content is shared on the Internet, people will have to give you the credit for it. This invites a lot of backlinking.

However, an original study can sound like a lot of work.

How about running a survey to get real results.

Thankfully, we have Google Forms.

As you click on the “Go to Google Forms” button, you are directed to this page

Here, you can create a questionnaire for your audience with multiple choices.

For example: We made a questionnaire asking SEO experts – How do they get backlinks?

Once you are done, click Send on the upper right corner.

Start collecting results by sending the survey to multiple email addresses.

This is a great way to collect original data and encourage high-quality backlinks.

4. Create Infographics

Infographics are easier to read and this is the reason people love them.

With tools like Canva and Infogram, you can create amazing infographics for your website that people will read and like to share.

And with every Share, you get an authority backlink.

Infographics are easier to create as you can easily choose your template and input information.

Here are examples of Infographics we created:


5. Write testimonials on other websites

A smart way to get high-quality backlinks is by writing testimonials and reviews on other websites.

This might sound counterintuitive as you are encouraging clients to buy from some other business, but this method is actually good for your SEO.

You can add a testimonial or review with your website link at the bottom.

While this may seem like helping other businesses get clients, you are directly helping your brand appear on top on search engines.


So, if you think only organizations doing online marketing for more than 10 years can get maximum backlinks, you need to try out these techniques.

Hit the nail hard and let people know about your business by creating thousands of backlinks in a short time.

Do you work on some other techniques? Is there any other way that you find extremely helpful? Share with us in the comment section below!