Solutions to Optimize a Flash Animated Website
Solutions to Optimize a Flash Animated Website

Adobe’s Flash is the flavor of Media rich websites; it is mostly used for Motion Pictures websites. Websites created in Flash usually attract visitors because of their stunning looks and engaging content as lots of online games are made on Adobe’s Flash. One thing that is negative about Flash websites is that these websites are not SEO friendly. Also they don’t run on few devices. It is the job of a SEO Company to make Flash websites SEO friendly and rank well finding a way to improve its performance on Search Engines.

You are reading this article because you have a flash website and you need it to be ranked well. First of all, keep in mind that many visitors still use slow internet connections and a few have yet not installed flash player and they don’t like to wait for minutes while opening a page. So, we should always add a link to a web page that contains the same information as found in the Flash movie in plain html.

We should include “skip introduction” if we have included a long video as introduction, so that visitors do not get annoyed by being forced to view videos again and again each time they visit the site. Now, web spiders (bots) read the flash websites as they are not ranked but their static contents are ranked which are more crawler friendly. So, if you are planning to use flash in the website for more attraction then there should be a crawler constructed in readable manner and must have relevent content related to search subjects along with the targeted keywords to obtain a better rank in the search engines.

“The best way to optimize a flash site is to create an ad-hoc HTML site which will have a presence with the flash site and would work well for the search engine crawlers.”

Some Tips for Flash Optimization:

(These tips would help you getting your Flash contents indexed by the search engines effectively)

    • Use the Macromedia Flash Search Engine SDK to convert a Flash file’s text and links into HTML for search engine indexing.
    • Provide links to alternate pages that contain a lot of text and keywords.
    • Place some text above and below your Flash contents that contain your keywords.
    • Use title and Meta tags
    • Use keyword within the <a> tag so if a link is applied to the flash content, it can be read by the crawlers.
    • Use alt attributes for images- for that include keyword if possible. The use of sIFR for designer text is also a good idea for attractive look and it is easily crawl by the spider.
    • If you embed the Flash animated movie in your HTML code, use your most important keywords in the movie file name using the HTML tags <param value=”movie-filename.swf”> and <param value=”movie-filename.swf>.
    • You can use the <object standby=”your message to show while loading”> attribute to include some text that is displayed while the Flash movie is being loaded. With that, you can use the <object title=”your movie title”> attribute to include a keyword-rich title.
    • Avoiding vector graphics and bit maps in the flash contents.
    • Use the <no embed> tag to provide text for web browsers which don’t support the Flash plug-in. Use it to describe the contents of the Flash movie as search engines can index that description.

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