Design inspirations
Design inspirations

How I get Inspiration for my design productions.

I am the Creative Head at ILLUMINZ, and do all possible design things around me!

But like every other designer, sometimes I meet with creative roadblock, wondering what to do getting stuck in the situation where I can’t find way to move ahead. But I have to move ahead, I have to deliver the task perfect and on time…

So what to do for quick creative enhancement?

Let’s check out simple things to washout creative roadblock: 

  • Never Stop Moving: You can’t stop. You may stop to take a little nap but can’t sleep longer. Usually we always have deadlines for our tasks. You can’t sit and do some other work to get inspiration. So don’t wait for ideas to come, do some efforts and find them. 
  • Look Back again: Do a quick review of the basic requirements, what was the task and what was the actual goal of the project. This will certainly open up some thoughts about what you have done and in which direction you are going. 
  • Communication & Collaboration: Communication plays the key role in designing. Communicate with clients again, ask your manager or just try to reach out to your team, ask them to review and give suggestions. You will hear some suggestions, some tweaks which might not be in your vision earlier, you will definitely get some hints. The least you can get to know that you are going in the right direction (or not!) and this is most important for a designer. Communicate & Collaborate and you can come up with some brilliant ideas. 
  • Whiteboards or sketch pad: Sometimes, I usually go to whiteboards or sketch pad and reimagine the concept or tasks, make some rough sketches or just do some brainstorming on it. Most of the time I get great ideas to move ahead if I am doing some sketching or drawing the concept again and again. 
  • What others are doing: You can take inspiration from design communities. Only see good stuff, don’t go blindly on google, just go to some great inspiration galleries like Dribbble,Behance. Check out what other great designers are creating, how they are pushing pixels and how they are getting motivation for awesome work. Look for lots & lots of work and don’t try to copy any particular, just get ideas and move ahead. 
  • Go outside: If every step fails then go out, sit alone, read some great books, listen to your favorite music, chat with your best buddy, or do anything you love to do for a while, and you’ll be fresh again with great design ideas. 

Thats all I do in my daily design schedule to find great inspirations. If you do something different or want to add something useful, please put so in comments.

Thank for your time to read this, keep reading for more design & inspirational stuff.

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